Mozilla Foundation believe the Web is at its best when all users can participate and create. With that goal, the Mozilla Foundation is excited to launch two new initiatives:

  • The all-new Webmaker: a free, open source platform that is simple, fun and a key building block for understanding the Web. Emerging from beta in June.
  • Mozilla Clubs: an opportunity for makers, mentors and learners to meet regularly to learn the mechanics, culture and citizenship of the Web together.

Together, these two initiatives aim to empower people everywhere to actively shape — not just passively use — the Web.

Mozilla Foundation set out in 2015 to reinvent Webmaker as a single product that would appeal to a mass market of makers and serve as a simple entry point for learning basic Web literacy.

The All-new Webmaker App

Mozilla’s first user-generated content platform with fun at its core. Combining the participatory spirit of the Web with a focus on local community and content, we’ve built a tool that allows anyone the opportunity to elevate their skills from Web user to Webmaker.

Key features include:

  • Unique & flexible content creation
  • Easy to use & fun
  • Locale-based discovery gallery
  • Built-in sharing
  • Available in 5 languages (and growing)
  • Remixable content to inspire peer-to-peer creativity
  • Connectivity to community of fellow web makers
  • Embedded with “lego-like” learning opportunities
  • Free, open-source, and independent

Webmaker is for anyone who has a mobile device and is looking for a creative, fun and unique way to tell their create, discover and share content on the Web.

Mozilla Clubs

Mozilla Clubs are groups of learners guided by a club captain who meet regularly to learn the mechanics, culture and citizenship of the web to foster innovation and collaboration on the open Web.

A Mozilla Club will:

  • Teach how to read, write and participate on the web using participatory learning, rather than listening and watching.
  • Develop the digital skills and leadership of its learners while contributing to a global community of peers.
  • Empower learners through purposeful making, reflective learning, and meaningful action with and on the Web.

A Mozilla Club must:

  • Meet regularly and on an ongoing basis
  • Have at least one Club Captain who organizes the group, and guides the learning and adds the club to the map.
  • Commit to the mission of spreading Web literacy with Mozilla.

Launch in Indonesia

In order to launch the Webmaker App for Android in Indonesia, we have so many homework to make it happen. Localization, create contents, school visits, campus visits, Mozilla clubs, finding Mozilla club captains, etc.

And we ended the day with Satay Party and Karaoke 😛

Photos from Rizky Ariestiyansyah, Yofie Setiawan, and Diky Arga. More photos at Rizky Ariestiyansyah’s Flickr Album.

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