Mozilla Indonesia present 3 interesting games, which is Selfie Challenge, HTML Puzzle Box Challenge, and Webmaker App Project Challenge.

Selfie Challenge is asking attendees to take selfie picture with a picture frame that already prepared by Mozilla team. Then they should share it to their Twitter and Instagram timeline. We also ask them to follow our Instagram and Twitter account.

HTML Puzzle Box Challenge is asking people to stack a right structure of HTML Puzzle Boxes. Many participants actually familiar with HTML programming language, but still find some difficulties to stack this colorful boxes. If you interested to create your own HTML Puzzle Box, you can download it from here.

Webmaker App Project Challenge is asking participants to download the latest app made by Mozilla which is Webmaker App. The participants need to create at least 3 page on their own project.

This event is so fun, and many participants enjoy to come and play on our booth.

See you on other events!

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