With this #MozKopdarJKT event that held in Thursday, 25th February 2016 at Jakarta Digital Valley, with theme “Say Hello to Dimo!”, Mozilla Indonesia Community invites all Mozillians to celebrate together the birth of our new mascot, Dimo. This event also broadcasted online with help from Siaranku team.

This event opened by Ina. She explained our main content for that day event. Then it’s started with a presentation for Mr. Gorga Sinaga from Telkom Indonesia. He shares about one of the main program from Telkom Indonesia, which is Indigo Accelerator. Then continue to Rara that introduce the Mozilla Indonesia Community. Then we got talk from Rizki Kelimutu that shares about Campus Campaign. Then Deryan shares about Connected Device. Then Rizky Ariestiyansyah introduce the Mozilla Tech Speaker program.

Then finally we go to the main content of the event, which is the launching of our new mascot, Dimo. Yofie Setiawan on behalf of Mozilla Indonesia Community, together with Kuswanto from Petshopbox Studio, cut the ribbon (Firefox stickers) which means our new mascot Dimo, officially born. We also do a video call with Rizky Luthfianto who lives in Yogyakarta, using Firefox Hello. Petshopbox Studio also create a Telegram Sticker Pack for Dimo.

Then Kuswanto share tips about designing character and explain the process of creating our new mascot, Dimo. Then Gary Lilardi introduce Tees Indonesia which a platform for graphic designers who want to easily sell their tshirt design.

Together with Dimo, Mozilla Indonesia Community wish to get closer with Mozillians all over Indonesia.


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