Recently, Mozilla announce the new Regional Ambassador Leads from various country. One of them is Agung Ahsan from Madura, Indonesia. Who exactly Agung is? Let’s get to know him closer.


Hi Agung, would you introduce yourself?

My name is Agung Firdausi Ahsan, born in Sumenep 13 Oktober 1993, and I’m in my last year as a student of Industrial Engineering in Universitas Trunojoyo Madura.


Since when you actively contribute in Mozilla community?

Since 10 November 2011. I was interested to contribute to be developer, and my first contribution is to be add-on developer.


How can you know about Mozilla community?

My interest for Mozilla started from MozKopdar (MozCoffee) that was held in Kota Pahlawan (Surabaya). The event explained about how Mozilla community is also contribute on the freedom & openness of the web. And also from that event, I get a chance to know Mozilla Indonesia Community, a community for Mozilla Firefox user in Indonesia.


What makes you want to contribute in Mozilla Community?

It’s because I always get new challenge here & I can also educate people on the importance of the open web.


You just had been selected as a Regional Ambassador Leads from Indonesia, what Regional Ambassador Leads really is?

Generally, RAL is coordinator that consist of Mozilla Reps or Firefox Student Ambassador. RAL has role as a coordinator that connect FSA & Firefox Club, help & cordinate campaigns & events in their country.

But for me personally, RAL is not merely a position, but more into a responsibility. Because I’m in charged to be a leader (or a captain) that lead a ship with the whole responsibility of the content, the direction, the destination, and will also think about the solution if there’s storm in our journey.

What is RAL tasks?

  • Maintain an open & active communication with FSA & Firefox Club.
  • Guide & give advise for Firefox Club Lead(s) & FSA who want to organize an event.
  • Guide student who eligible to create Firefox Club in their university.
  • Make sure Firefox Club deliver their event report & documenting what their doing.
  • Find out how to promote & spread the words about Firefox Club in a new region.

What difficulties you faced as a RAL?

There are some difficulties on becoming a RAL :

  • Getting student attention to join as a FSA
  • Difficulties in organize online meeting because constraint on time zone from Club Lead
  • Generalization deployment of FSA in a region (country)

What benefit you get as a RAL?

There are some benefit on becoming a RAL:

  • Sharpen out leadership skill
  • Improve our skill on marketing, management, communication, & technology.
  • May get an opportunity to join Mozilla’s event (global or regional)
  • Milestone to be a Mozilla Rep, Mozilla’s intern, or FSA Executive Board member.

What you expected from being a RAL?

My hope on being a RAL is to integrate FSA in Indonesia with a new spirit & to organize big events that will make Mozilla’s name & Indonesia even bigger.


Translated by Rizki Dwi Kelimutu.

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