Via Petition, Mozilla Urges Facebook to Respect Users’ Privacy

By March 25, 2018No Comments

The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica case didn’t involve any sensitive data breach such as social security number or credit card number, password theft, or hacking into Facebook’s system. This can happen as Facebook allows applications to access not only private and sensitive information of users but also information of a user’s friends. In other words, even if you never use any apps made by these ‘mischievous’ developers, your information on Facebook can still also be accessed by them freely for their own interests.

Facebook stated that they have taken steps needed to “limit developers access to detailed friend data’. However, its current default settings must be questioned as it hasn’t applied such access restriction.

{xtypo_quote}What matters most: Facebook must take real actions and respect their users. Mozilla wants you to take part in the Petition aiming to urge Facebook to change its application permission and ensure that our privacy as users is protected by default.{/xtypo_quote}

You may sign this Petition by visiting Tell Facebook: this can’t happen again.

Written by Akhlis Purnomo.

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