Jakarta, 27 November 2019 – Firefox Lite adds built-in shopping, games and news features. Mozilla also introduce the latest Firefox with advanced privacy and security protection.​ Mozilla, the non-profit pioneer and advocate for the open Web, officially introduces its latest version of ​Firefox Lite​ in Indonesia. The brand new Firefox Lite is a one-stop mobile browser platform that provides beyond-browser functions to empower users to live an easier online life efficiently and securely. The lightweight app offers new browsing experience with easy product and price comparison, shopping deals, free games and trending news under one platform.


Indonesia has more than 150 million internet users nationwide, 95% of whom are mobile users*. It is also the 7th largest Firefox market globally and the biggest in Southeast Asia, Indonesia remains an important market for Mozilla, which is further highlighted by Mozilla’s selection of Indonesia as the first market for the launch of its newly-designed lightweight mobile browser.

The latest feature offered by Firefox Lite is the new design which allows users to access its integrated shopping, news, and games content with one single tap.

a. Shopping
The new shopping feature in Firefox Lite introduces a Smart Shopping Search with the capability to easily compare prices and product specifications from across major e-commerce sites by tapping to switch between them. Besides, the browser introduces itself as one-stop shopping hub with shopping deals, coupons and vouchers from multiple sites​.

b. Gaming
Firefox Lite also introduces its gaming feature, where more than 100 free instant games are available to play during spare time. Users are able to create game shortcuts on the home screen, so it will be easier to find and played instantly, without the need to install the game apps.

c. News
To cater the needs of updated and trustworthy information for users, Firefox Lite introduce news feature, allowing users to enjoy the latest news from major news publishers under one platform.

“At Mozilla, we always challenge ourselves to come up with innovations, features that are relevant for our users. Our internal data has showed that over 60% of users want content on Firefox Lite. With the soaring popularity of mobile gaming, online shopping, and news consumption in Indonesia, we are very excited to introduce our one-stop mobile browser platform to fulfill users’ needs and make their online lives more convenient and more efficient,” stated Stan Leong​, VP and General Manager of Emerging Markets, Mozilla.

Maintaining the best quality from its previous version, Firefox Lite keeps providing a speedy browsing experience with the Turbo Mode feature and by being only 5MB in app size. With Firefox Lite’s Advanced Private Browsing with tracking protection, Firefox Lite can prevent advertisers and websites from tracking you.

Download Firefox Lite for Android here.


The Latest Firefox Browser

Besides Firefox Lite, Mozilla also introduced ​the latest Firefox browser​ last month worldwide. The browser aims to empower the users to protect their online privacy, which is in line with its mission to protect the internet and everyone on it since day one.

Based on data from We Are Social, 63 percent of Indonesian internet users installed an ad blocker, marked as the highest global adoption rate of the program. This number shows the high demand of personalized and secure online experience from users. Consequently, Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) is turned on by default since the previous version, strengthening the security and privacy for all of our users around the world, which makes Firefox different from other browsers.

In the latest version, users can now see the many ways ETP provides protections in a Privacy Protections report, allowing users to view tracker activities on each site they visit and having a privacy protections dashboard.

Since the launch of ETP, Firefox has blocked over 400 billion trackers in total with 10 billion more trackers blocked every day. An average Firefox user in Indonesia has ​197 trackers​ blocked on a daily basis. The feature is enhanced with Firefox Privacy Protections report that can be personalized according to users’ needs and deliver report including:

a. The number of cookies blocked
The feature prevents third-party tracking cookies to build an online profile based on users online activities. Now users can see the number of cross-site and social media trackers, finger printers and crypto miners blocked by Firefox Browser.

b. Update on data breaches with Firefox Monitor
Users can view a summary of the number of unsafe passwords that may have been used in a breach, so users can update and change those passwords.

c. Passwords and synced device management with Firefox Lockwise
Users can get a brief look at the number of passwords saved in Firefox Lockwise, also enable to view and manage the number of devices synced and logged in with users’ passwords.


About Mozilla
Mozilla has been a pioneer and advocate for the web for more than 20 years. We are a global organization with a​ ​mission​ to promote innovation and opportunity on the Web. Today, hundreds of millions of people worldwide use the popular​ ​Firefox browser​ to discover, experience, and connect to the Web on computers, tablets and mobile phones. Together with our vibrant, global community of developers and contributors, we create and promote open standards that ensure the internet remains a global public resource, open and accessible to all. Explore more: mozilla-next.com

For media inquiries, please contact emg-marcom@mozilla.com.

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