Jakarta, December 13rd, 2019 – After had Press Conference event of Firefox Lite 2.0 & Firefox Browser last month, precisely on November 27th, 2019 which placed at Ritz Carlton – Jakarta, the celebration continued at Mozilla Community Space Jakarta in the evening time. This event was open for the public and also part of complementary event that collaborate with Mozilla Indonesia to introduce the newest features of Firefox Lite 2.0 and Firefox Browser (web version).

Besides volunteers and community’s fellows of Mozilla Indonesia, this event also had some of Mozilla Taiwan’s team, they are Stan Leong (Vice President & General Manager Emerging Markets), Cindy Hsiang (Staff Product Manager – Firefox Browser), Joe Cheng (Product Manager – Emerging Markets), Amy Huang (Research Team), Peyton Sun (Marketing), Carol Hsu (Marketing), Erin Chang (Marketing), Vance Chen (Engineering Team).  Stan, Joe and Cindy lead the presentation and discussion (as in the Press Conference event) for our community, which described more about the background and mainstay features such as the new shopping experience where user can get the result of product price comparison from few e-commerces through Firefox Lite. Besides that, This newest Firefox Lite also have the new Content & Service features that consist of Shopping (Best offers, Coupons & Vouchers), News and Game as a standard offer in it. Along with that, Firefox 70.0 also offer some attractive update such as, it improved the Enhanced Tracking Protection technology with social tracking protection, integrated breach alert and provide tools of complex password generation.

We did the next series of Firefox Lite & Firefox 70.0 release event that held outside Jakarta as well, and this time we did it at Telkom University, Bandung. Mozilla Indonesia teamed up with the campus community. named TOSCA (Telecommunication Science Association) to have an event with the theme “Web VR & What’s New in Firefox Lite”. This time Mozilla Indonesia represented by these three volunteers, they are Hanif Faiq, Iffan Majid and Lidya Christina. The session started with opening by the campus community leader Agus Mulyana, then continued with the introduction of Mozilla and Mozilla Indonesia by Hanif. Hanif wrapped the session with fun and familiarity with everyone since he is an active student in this college, and also part of both Tosca and Mozilla Indonesia community (what to say^^). He is part of keyholder and one of helpful resources for social media team in Mozilla Indonesia. Hanif explained more about what is Mozilla includes the projects and products that initiated and/or supported by Mozilla. The next highlight he showed more about what and how (fun) Mozilla Indonesia doing also about we are part of global community of Mozilla.

The next piece about Firefox Lite and Firefox 70.0 served by Lidya, one of Mozilla Representative and keyholder at Mozilla Community Space Jakarta. Beside introduced the features that embedded in new Firefox Lite and upgrade Enhanced Tracking Protection technology in Firefox Browser 70.0, Lidya also unfolded the story of her non-technical experiences through localization of Mozilla projects and products. She close her talk with asked the fellows to join the ongoing campaign of 5000 new Firefox Accounts by the end of this year (read more, here). The intention of keep the user’s privacy and online personal identity safe are always being a top priority now and then. By spreading the word and tell people about this campaign, we already being part of the social mission of raising awareness of people around us, that we can have control over our online activities so no unknown parties will taking advantages or misused our data without our concern.

The next session which brought by Iffan was talking about Web Virtual Reality (Web VR). Iffan is a Mozillian and also one of keyholder at Mozilla Community Space Jakarta. Iffan had shared this find-out-and-tweak-together session that combined with his typical developer jokes which made this heavy subject become super fun and easy to digest, especially with college students fellows. This session explore more about how Mozilla giving the access to everyone get the same opportunities that has interest in VR technology. As we know, because VR technology is kind of new in the tech world, so it affects on the high price tag to get the VR headset. The better our expectation result, the more bucks we need to invest. Web VR is showing a win-win solution for people that willing to learn this VR technology in the minimum budget -even less to zero budget- to get the similar experience as through headset. Newbie? no worries! Mozilla provide some sites that you can jump into it, such as mozvr.com and aframe.io.

The whole session closed by question & answer session and taking pictures together. Thank you Bandung and Telkom University for the warm welcomed and tasty foods!

Last but not least, stay tuned for the next exciting Mozilla Indonesia activities through our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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