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Tech in Asia Jakarta 2017

Tahukah kamu, dengan jumlah penduduk lebih dari 260 juta orang, Indonesia menjadi magnet bagi banyak mata terutama investor dan pengusaha. Pasar digital yang diproyeksikan bernilai US$ 130 miliar pada tahun 2020 ini membuat sektor bisnis e-commerce naik daun. Namun sebenarnya, potensi bisnis startup dan teknologi di tanah air tidak hanya terpaut pada sektor e-commerce saja namun juga empat sektor bisnis lain. Mereka adalah fintech, layanan on-demand, cloud computing, dan software-as-a-service (SaaS).

Lalu, bagaimana sebenarnya perkembangan industri startup pada keempat vertikal tersebut? Dapatkan lebih banyak insight menarik dan temui pakar di balik industri startup dan teknologi di gelaran tahunan Tech in Asia Jakarta 2017 pada 1-2 November 2017 mendatang!

Sebagai official community partner, kami Mozilla Indonesia mengajak kamu untuk bergabung bersama di barikade paling depan Tech in Asia Jakarta 2017.

Registrasi sekarang juga dan dapatkan diskon tambahan 5% dari promo yang sedang berjalan. Gunakan kode mozillaid (tanpa tanda petik) saat registrasi pemesanan tiket. Tunggu apa lagi? Yuk segera reservasi kursimu melalui tautan berikut ini.

P.S Kamu juga bisa mengusung startup milikmu di Bootstrap Alley (Startup Exhibition) #tiajkt2017, di sini!

Firefox - Send Tab

Stop emailing links to yourself! Sierra walks us through the Firefox feature Send Tabs. Send Tabs works instantly - it's the fastest way to share your content between your desktop and mobile devices. And because Firefox values your privacy, everything you send is encrypted from end to end.

Firefox Mobile User Testing (Android)

Hai. Kami Mozilla. Bulan ini, Juli, kami akan menyelenggarakan beberapa sesi ujicoba untuk mendalami kebiasaan berinternet khalayak Indonesia. Sesi ini akan bertempat di Ruang Kounitas Mozilla (Mozilla Community Space) Jakarta, dan berlangsung selama 6090 menit. Sebagai tanda terima kasih keikut sertaan kamu, kami menyediakan imbalan voucher belanja dan t-shirt Mozilla. Kamu bisa pilih tanggal dan waktu yang sesuai untuk kamu.

Berikut adalah mereka yang terpilih untuk mengikuti Mobile User Testing (Android) yang akan berjumpa langsung dengan Mozilla Staff. Selamat!

24 Juli 2017
2pm - Sitti Khansa Nabila
5pm - Dita Yulinda Putri

25 Juli 2017
2pm - Nur Annisa Hamid & Wirya Ramadhan
5pm - Ahmad Munif

26 Juli 2017
2pm - Firman Ronald H Zendato
5pm - Rina Hafizhah Utami

27 Juli 2017
2pm - Husein
5pm - Djaryati

Firefox Focus New to Android, blocks annoying ads and protects your privacy

Last year, we introduced Firefox Focus, a new browser for the iPhone and iPad, designed to be fast, simple and always private. A lot has happened since November; and more than ever before, were seeing consumers play an active role in trying to protect their personal data and save valuable megabytes on their data plans.

While we knew that Focus provided a useful service for those times when you want to keep your web browsing to yourself, we were floored by your response its the highest rated browser from a trusted brand for the iPhone and iPad, earning a 4.6 average rating on the App Store.

Today, Im thrilled to announce that were launching our Firefox Focus mobile app for Android.

Like the iPhone and iPad version, the Android app is free of tabs and other visual clutter, and erasing your sessions is as easy as a simple tap. Firefox Focus allows you to browse the web without being followed by tracking ads which are notoriously known for slowing down your mobile experience. Why do we block these ad trackers? Because they not only track your behavior without your knowledge, they also slow down the web on your mobile device.

Check out this video to learn more:

New Features for Android

For the Android release of Firefox Focus, we added the following features:

  • Ad tracker counter For the curious, theres a counter to list the number of ads that are blocked per site while using the app.
  • Disable tracker blocker For sites that are not loading correctly, you can disable the tracker blocker to quickly take care of it and get back to where youve left off.
  • Notification reminder When Focus is running in the background, well remind you through a notification and you can easily tap to erase your browsing history.

For Android users we also made Focus a great default browser experience. Since we support both custom tabs and the ability to disable the ad blocking as needed, it works great with apps like Facebook when you just want to read an article without being tracked. We built Focus to empower you on the mobile web, and we will continue to introduce new features that make our products even better. Thanks for using Firefox Focus for a faster and more private mobile browsing experience.

Firefox Focus Settings View

You can download Firefox Focus on Google Play and in the App Store.

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The Best Firefox Ever

With E10s, our new version of Firefox nails the just right balance between memory and speed

On the Firefox team, one thing we always hear from our users is that they rely on the web for complex tasks like trip planning and shopping comparisons. That often means having many tabs open. And the sites and web apps running in those tabs often have lots of things going on animations, videos, big pictures and more. Complex sites are more and more common. The average website today is nearly 2.5 megabytes the same size as the original version of the game Doom, according to Wired. Up until now, a complex site in one Firefox tab could slow down all the others. That often meant a less than perfect browsing experience.

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