#MozKopdarMLG - International Privacy Day

Bulan lalu, akhirnya sukses mengadakan #MozKopdar di Malang, setelah sempat vakum selama hampir 4 tahun. Alhamdulillah walaupun dibarengi dengan hujan lebat, tapi tetap ada yang datang. Ya kan gak seru ngadain kopdar tapi yang datang saya sendiri😂.

Pada kopdar yang diadakan bersamaan dengan hari privasi internasional ini, kami dari Mozilla Indonesia membawa materi berupa beragam tools untuk menjaga privasi saat berselancar, diantaranya adalah Firefox Monitor yang dapat membantu anda untuk tetap up-to-date terhadap penggunaan password, dimana Monitor akan memberikan anda warning apabila terdapat suatu layanan yang anda ikuti, akunnya berhasil dibobol. Anda akan disarankan untuk segera mengganti password pada akun tersebut. Terdapat juga Firefox LockWise yang akan membantu mengatur beragam password yang anda miliki. Karena semakin hari semakin banyak layanan baru yang mengharuskan anda untuk membuat akun dan password baru. Nah, bila anda menggunakan Firefox LockWise dan juga Monitor, maka LockWise akan mencari dari semua akun yang anda miliki, apakah pernah ada terjadi kebobolan di salah satu akun di dalam LockWise. Apabila ada, maka anda akan diingatkan untuk segera mengganti password pada akun tersebut.

Selain LockWise dan Monitor, pada Firefox desktop juga sudah terpasang protokol DOH, yaitu protokol DNS Over Https yang mana akan mengalihkan request DNS menjadi melalui HTTPS. Protokol ini sangat membantu menyamarkan request anda ke website dari orang-orang yang tidak perlu tahu. Atau, minimal kalau anda di Indonesia, bisa menggunakan protokol ini untuk membuka vimeo dan reddit, to name a few.

Selain membahas tentang feature privacy, kami juga sedikit sharing aplikasi Firefox Lite dari Mozilla. Ini adalah Firefox Browser untuk Android yang khusus dibuat untuk handphone dengan kapasitas kecil. Feature lengkap dari Firefox Lite akan saya bahas di tulisan lain.

Setelah kopdar akhir bulan lalu, kami dari Mozilla Indonesia juga berencana untuk mengadakan kopdar lain di bulan Maret. Untuk tanggal dan topik masih sedang digodog. Mungkin anda yang di Malang ada ide ingin bahas apa di kopdar berikutnya? Boleh urun saran di grup telegram Mozilla Indonesia.

#Mozkampus Activities - Telkom University Bandung

Jakarta, December 13rd, 2019 - After had Press Conference event of Firefox Lite 2.0 & Firefox Browser last month, precisely on November 27th, 2019 which placed at Ritz Carlton - Jakarta, the celebration continued at Mozilla Community Space Jakarta in the evening time. This event was open for the public and also part of complementary event that collaborate with Mozilla Indonesia to introduce the newest features of Firefox Lite 2.0 and Firefox Browser (web version).

Besides volunteers and community’s fellows of Mozilla Indonesia, this event also had some of Mozilla Taiwan’s team, they are Stan Leong (Vice President & General Manager Emerging Markets), Cindy Hsiang (Staff Product Manager - Firefox Browser), Joe Cheng (Product Manager - Emerging Markets), Amy Huang (Research Team), Peyton Sun (Marketing), Carol Hsu (Marketing), Erin Chang (Marketing), Vance Chen (Engineering Team).  Stan, Joe and Cindy lead the presentation and discussion (as in the Press Conference event) for our community, which described more about the background and mainstay features such as the new shopping experience where user can get the result of product price comparison from few e-commerces through Firefox Lite. Besides that, This newest Firefox Lite also have the new Content & Service features that consist of Shopping (Best offers, Coupons & Vouchers), News and Game as a standard offer in it. Along with that, Firefox 70.0 also offer some attractive update such as, it improved the Enhanced Tracking Protection technology with social tracking protection, integrated breach alert and provide tools of complex password generation.

We did the next series of Firefox Lite & Firefox 70.0 release event that held outside Jakarta as well, and this time we did it at Telkom University, Bandung. Mozilla Indonesia teamed up with the campus community. named TOSCA (Telecommunication Science Association) to have an event with the theme “Web VR & What’s New in Firefox Lite”. This time Mozilla Indonesia represented by these three volunteers, they are Hanif Faiq, Iffan Majid and Lidya Christina. The session started with opening by the campus community leader Agus Mulyana, then continued with the introduction of Mozilla and Mozilla Indonesia by Hanif. Hanif wrapped the session with fun and familiarity with everyone since he is an active student in this college, and also part of both Tosca and Mozilla Indonesia community (what to say^^). He is part of keyholder and one of helpful resources for social media team in Mozilla Indonesia. Hanif explained more about what is Mozilla includes the projects and products that initiated and/or supported by Mozilla. The next highlight he showed more about what and how (fun) Mozilla Indonesia doing also about we are part of global community of Mozilla.

The next piece about Firefox Lite and Firefox 70.0 served by Lidya, one of Mozilla Representative and keyholder at Mozilla Community Space Jakarta. Beside introduced the features that embedded in new Firefox Lite and upgrade Enhanced Tracking Protection technology in Firefox Browser 70.0, Lidya also unfolded the story of her non-technical experiences through localization of Mozilla projects and products. She close her talk with asked the fellows to join the ongoing campaign of 5000 new Firefox Accounts by the end of this year (read more, here). The intention of keep the user’s privacy and online personal identity safe are always being a top priority now and then. By spreading the word and tell people about this campaign, we already being part of the social mission of raising awareness of people around us, that we can have control over our online activities so no unknown parties will taking advantages or misused our data without our concern.

The next session which brought by Iffan was talking about Web Virtual Reality (Web VR). Iffan is a Mozillian and also one of keyholder at Mozilla Community Space Jakarta. Iffan had shared this find-out-and-tweak-together session that combined with his typical developer jokes which made this heavy subject become super fun and easy to digest, especially with college students fellows. This session explore more about how Mozilla giving the access to everyone get the same opportunities that has interest in VR technology. As we know, because VR technology is kind of new in the tech world, so it affects on the high price tag to get the VR headset. The better our expectation result, the more bucks we need to invest. Web VR is showing a win-win solution for people that willing to learn this VR technology in the minimum budget -even less to zero budget- to get the similar experience as through headset. Newbie? no worries! Mozilla provide some sites that you can jump into it, such as mozvr.com and aframe.io.

The whole session closed by question & answer session and taking pictures together. Thank you Bandung and Telkom University for the warm welcomed and tasty foods!

Last but not least, stay tuned for the next exciting Mozilla Indonesia activities through our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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Firefox Lite Transforms into Multi-function Mobile Browser Platform

Jakarta, 27 November 2019 - Firefox Lite adds built-in shopping, games and news features. Mozilla also introduce the latest Firefox with advanced privacy and security protection.​ Mozilla, the non-profit pioneer and advocate for the open Web, officially introduces its latest version of ​Firefox Lite​ in Indonesia. The brand new Firefox Lite is a one-stop mobile browser platform that provides beyond-browser functions to empower users to live an easier online life efficiently and securely. The lightweight app offers new browsing experience with easy product and price comparison, shopping deals, free games and trending news under one platform.

Indonesia has more than 150 million internet users nationwide, 95% of whom are mobile users*. It is also the 7th largest Firefox market globally and the biggest in Southeast Asia, Indonesia remains an important market for Mozilla, which is further highlighted by Mozilla’s selection of Indonesia as the first market for the launch of its newly-designed lightweight mobile browser.

The latest feature offered by Firefox Lite is the new design which allows users to access its integrated shopping, news, and games content with one single tap.

a. Shopping
The new shopping feature in Firefox Lite introduces a Smart Shopping Search with the capability to easily compare prices and product specifications from across major e-commerce sites by tapping to switch between them. Besides, the browser introduces itself as one-stop shopping hub with shopping deals, coupons and vouchers from multiple sites​.

b. Gaming
Firefox Lite also introduces its gaming feature, where more than 100 free instant games are available to play during spare time. Users are able to create game shortcuts on the home screen, so it will be easier to find and played instantly, without the need to install the game apps.

c. News
To cater the needs of updated and trustworthy information for users, Firefox Lite introduce news feature, allowing users to enjoy the latest news from major news publishers under one platform.

“At Mozilla, we always challenge ourselves to come up with innovations, features that are relevant for our users. Our internal data has showed that over 60% of users want content on Firefox Lite. With the soaring popularity of mobile gaming, online shopping, and news consumption in Indonesia, we are very excited to introduce our one-stop mobile browser platform to fulfill users’ needs and make their online lives more convenient and more efficient,” stated Stan Leong​, VP and General Manager of Emerging Markets, Mozilla.

Maintaining the best quality from its previous version, Firefox Lite keeps providing a speedy browsing experience with the Turbo Mode feature and by being only 5MB in app size. With Firefox Lite's Advanced Private Browsing with tracking protection, Firefox Lite can prevent advertisers and websites from tracking you.

Download Firefox Lite for Android here.


The Latest Firefox Browser

Besides Firefox Lite, Mozilla also introduced ​the latest Firefox browser​ last month worldwide. The browser aims to empower the users to protect their online privacy, which is in line with its mission to protect the internet and everyone on it since day one.

Based on data from We Are Social, 63 percent of Indonesian internet users installed an ad blocker, marked as the highest global adoption rate of the program. This number shows the high demand of personalized and secure online experience from users. Consequently, Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) is turned on by default since the previous version, strengthening the security and privacy for all of our users around the world, which makes Firefox different from other browsers.

In the latest version, users can now see the many ways ETP provides protections in a Privacy Protections report, allowing users to view tracker activities on each site they visit and having a privacy protections dashboard.

Since the launch of ETP, Firefox has blocked over 400 billion trackers in total with 10 billion more trackers blocked every day. An average Firefox user in Indonesia has ​197 trackers​ blocked on a daily basis. The feature is enhanced with Firefox Privacy Protections report that can be personalized according to users’ needs and deliver report including:

a. The number of cookies blocked
The feature prevents third-party tracking cookies to build an online profile based on users online activities. Now users can see the number of cross-site and social media trackers, finger printers and crypto miners blocked by Firefox Browser.

b. Update on data breaches with Firefox Monitor
Users can view a summary of the number of unsafe passwords that may have been used in a breach, so users can update and change those passwords.

c. Passwords and synced device management with Firefox Lockwise
Users can get a brief look at the number of passwords saved in Firefox Lockwise, also enable to view and manage the number of devices synced and logged in with users’ passwords.


About Mozilla
Mozilla has been a pioneer and advocate for the web for more than 20 years. We are a global organization with a​ ​mission​ to promote innovation and opportunity on the Web. Today, hundreds of millions of people worldwide use the popular​ ​Firefox browser​ to discover, experience, and connect to the Web on computers, tablets and mobile phones. Together with our vibrant, global community of developers and contributors, we create and promote open standards that ensure the internet remains a global public resource, open and accessible to all. Explore more: mozilla-next.com

For media inquiries, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Liputan Mozilla All Hands Whistler 2019

Pada tanggal 17 sampai 19 Juni 2019 lalu, 3 anggota komunitas Mozilla Indonesia, yaitu Yofie, Lidya, dan Kiki, berkesempatan untuk berpartisipasi pada acara 6 bulan sekali, Mozilla All Hands yang kali ini bertempat di Whistler, Kanada. Acara dibuka dengan makan malam bersama yang bersifat kasual dan untuk mengenal satu sama lain.

Ketiga anggota tersebut mendapat undangan dari tim Open Innovation. Yofie datang sebagai bagian dari Reps Council sedangkan Lidya mendapat undangan dari tim Support Mozilla (SUMO). Kiki sendiri datang sebagai bagian dari Community Development Team.

Jika biasanya plenary di Mozilla All Hands dilaksanakan hanya di hari Selasa, sekarang plenary tersebut dibagi jadi 4 sesi yang dilaksanakan dari Selasa sampai Jum’at. Plenary pertama dibuka oleh Mitchel Baker (Mozilla Chairwoman) yang menyampaikan tentang State of the Internet. Lalu disambung oleh Christ Beard (Mozilla CEO) yang menyampaikan Internal Monthly Meeting yang biasanya diadakan secara daring.

Plenary kedua dibuka oleh Mary Ellen Muckerman (VP, Brand Strategy)  yang membahas tentang bagaimana Mozilla membangun relationship secara umum dengan pengguna. Plenary selanjutnya dibuka oleh Joe Hildebrand (VP of Engineering, Firefox). Plenary terakhir, dipandu kembali oleh Mitchel Baker dan Christ Beard yang menutup rangkaian plenary dengan membahas rencana Mozilla ke depan.

Mozilla Reps Council sendiri membahas perencanaan OKR untuk paruh kedua tahun 2019. Sedangkan SUMO membahas tentang roadmap pengembangan situs support.mozilla.org, serta membahas strategi komunitas. Di setiap sesi yang kami hadiri, hampir seluruhnya berupa sesi interaktif dan tukar pendapat satu sama lain.

Kami juga berkesempatan untuk berjumpa serta makan malam bersama dengan 2 rekan lain asal Indonesia yang saat ini bekerja di Mozilla Corporation yaitu Bram (kini menetap di New Zealand) dan Josephine (menetap di San Francisco).

Rangkaian acara All Hands kali ini ditutup dengan acara hidangan malam bersama dan hiburan di The Roundhouse, yang berada di  kaki gunung Whistler. Pemandangan kaki gunung di musim panas yang sebagian ditutup salju serta menikmati senja yang lebih panjang hingga matahari terbenam di ketinggian tentunya menjadi daya tarik tersendiri dari tempat ini.

Semua berjalan dengan baik hingga kami kembali ke Jakarta. Sampai jumpa di liputan All Hands berikutnya!

Reinventing Firefox for Android: a Preview

At Firefox, we’re passionate about providing solutions for people who care about safety, privacy and independence. For several months, we’ve been working on a new strategy for our Android products to serve you even better. Today we’re very happy to announce a pilot of our new browser for Android devices that is available to early adopters for testing as of now. We’ll have a feature-rich, polished version of this flagship application available for this fall.

^ Firefox Preview — our new mobile pilot app for Android

Always-on, always private: a new and improved mobile Firefox

Unlike Big Tech, which only recently started to put more emphasis on privacy, we launched Firefox Focusabout two and a half years ago, a mobile browser for iOS and Android that allows you to discover the web without being followed around by trackers. While continuously improving Firefox Focus over time, we realized that users demanded a full-fledged mobile browsing experience, but more private and secure than any existing app. So we decided to make Firefox more like Focus, but with all the ease and amenities of a full-featured mobile browser. The result is an early version of what we currently call Firefox Preview.

Bringing Firefox Quantum performance to mobile, with GeckoView

With Firefox Preview, we’re combining the best of what our lightweight Focus application and our current mobile browsers have to offer to create a best in class mobile experience. The new application is powered by Firefox’s own mobile browser engine — GeckoView — the same high-performance, feature enabling motor that fuels our Focus app.

You might remember how we revamped the engine behind the Firefox desktop browser in 2017 enabling us to significantly improve the desktop user experience. As a result, today’s Firefox Quantum is much faster, more efficient, equipped with a modern user interface and clearly the next-gen Firefox. Quite similarly, implementing GeckoView paves the way for a complete makeover of the mobile Firefox experience. While all other major Android browsers today are based on Blink and therefore reflective of Google’s decisions about mobile, Firefox’s GeckoView engine ensures us and our users independence. Building Firefox for Android on GeckoView also results in greater flexibility in terms of the types of privacy and security features we can offer our mobile users. With GeckoView we have the ability to develop faster, more secure and more user friendly browsers that deliver unprecedented performance.

To speak more specifically about features, here are some new functions Firefox Preview will offer, partially enabled by GeckoView:

  • Faster than ever: Firefox Preview is up to 2x faster than previous versions of Firefox for Android.
  • Fast by design: with a minimalist start screen and bottom navigation bar, Preview helps you get more done on the go.
  • Stay organized: Make sense of the web with Collections, a new feature that helps you save, organize, and share collections of sites. Quickly save and return to tasks like your morning routine, shopping lists, travel planning and more.
  • Tracking Protection on by default: Everyone deserves freedom from invasive advertising trackers and other bad actors so Firefox Preview blocks trackers by default. The result is faster browsing and fewer annoyances.

^ With Firefox Preview you’re browsing the mobile web faster, more efficiently and more privately

For more information about how we’re planning to use GeckoView in our product portfolio, check out this blog post on Mozilla Hacks.

Be among the first to test

Before we release products to the world, we run many different experiments and tests which we learn from and help us make our products better for real consumption. For example, our Firefox Quantum desktop browser has a beta release, a separate channel aimed at developers or early tech adopters to test upcoming features before they’re released to all consumers.

Likewise, what we’re releasing today is an early version for our experimental browser for Android users based on GeckoView. Firefox Preview is a separate mobile application primarily aimed at developers and early adopters who want to help us improve Firefox on Android. The user experience of this early version will differ significantly from the final product, planned for release later this year. We’re counting on our passionate users to try it now and provide the kind of feedback (via  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or on Github) that will enable us to release the best mobile Firefox possible and continuously improve GeckoView.

How our new mobile strategy affects existing products

For the rest of 2019, we’re going to direct our efforts into optimizing the entire Firefox experience on all Android devices. In order to have a strong foundation for the next generation of mobile Firefox browsers and put all our efforts and resources in GeckoView, work on Firefox Focus will currently be on hold. Don’t worry though, you can still keep using our privacy browser, Focus, as well as our current Firefox for Android.

Stay tuned for more!

We hope this update from the Firefox Mobile Team sparks excitement for the new mobile strategy we’re rolling out in 2019. We plan to take mobile browsing to a whole new level. No matter where, when or on which device, we at Firefox believe that you always deserve the best possible user experience. And we’ll do our best to bring it to your screens.

Try the preview of our new Firefox for Android, let us know what you think about this GeckoView-based mobile app and stay tuned.


Source : https://blog.mozilla.org/press/2019/06/reinventing-firefox-for-android-a-preview/

Liputan Mozlando 2018, Mozilla All Hands

Pada 3-8 Desember 2018 yang lalu, Mozilla mengadakan pertemuan All Hands di Orlando, Florida, Amerika Serikat mempertemukan ratusan karyawan Mozilla Corporation (MoCo), Mozilla Foundation (MoFo) dan para sukarelawan dari seluruh belahan dunia. Kali ini, ada empat orang mendapat kesempatan untuk hadir mewakili Indonesia: Yofie Setiawan, Rizki Kelimuttu, Dian Ina dan Fauzan Alfi. Sebagai informasi, Mozilla Reps Council di mana Yofie berperan saat ini merupakan salah satu bagian penting dari Mozilla Leadership yang turut menjembatani antara Mozilla dengan para sukarelawan yang tersebar di berbagai komunitas lokasi di seluruh dunia.

Pada AllHands kali ini, tim dari Indonesia berfokus pada topik-topik spesifik seperti kontribusi dalam pelokalan lewat L10n dan juga Support Mozilla yang biasa disebut SuMo. Sementara itu, Yofie sebagai salah satu Reps Council yang baru terpilih berfokus pada pertemuan inti seputar program dari Mozilla Reps, termasuk rencana program Mozilla Reps ke depan untuk dapat memberikan dampak yang lebih baik dan bisa berintegrasi dengan proyek-proyek dari Mozilla lainnya. Pada bagian Support Mozilla (SuMo) yang diwakili oleh Fauzan, bahasan pertemuan yang dilaksanakan lebih menekankan kepada bagaimana menyokong komunitas sukarelawan yang membantu penerjemahan dan pembuatan artikel Support untuk berbagai proyek dari Mozilla, termasuk juga strategi penyampaian dan tanggapan di media sosial sebagai salah satu luaran tim SuMo.

Secara umum, Mozilla sendiri pun membagikan target dan arah mereka pada tahun 2019 dan juga mengevaluasi berbagai hal yang sudah dilaksanakan selama tahun 2018. Mozilla terus berupaya agar bisa tetap relevan dan mengambil posisi yang penting dalam dunia internet ataentunya agar bisa terus menjadi bagian penting yang ikut menjaga kepentingan user dalam dunia internet atau online.

Pertemuan All Hands kali ini yang berlangsung beberapa hari ini tidak terasa melelahkan karena berbagai sisipan rekreasi juga seperti kunjungan ke Kennedy Space Center di Florida, dan juga The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, di Universal Orlando Resort, Florida.

Momen All Hands akhir tahun 2018 ini menjadi terasa spesial karena kami semua dapat berkumpul bersama dengan berbagai volunteer yang juga aktif dari berbagai belahan dunia lainnya, berinteraksi dengan rekan-rekan karyawan Mozilla lainnya untuk bisa mengenal mereka lagi serta berkolaborasi dengan lebih baik di masa yang akan datang.

Pertemuan Pelokalan Mozilla Asia Tenggara di Hanoi

Pertemuan pelokalan (localisation) Mozilla kawasan Asia Tenggara tahun ini diselenggarakan pada pertengahan November di Hanoi, Vietnam. Acara kali ini dihadiri oleh kawan-kawan pelokal dari Mozilla Filipina, Kamboja, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, dan, tentunya, Vietnam. Selain itu, ada pula kawan-kawan dari Mozilla Amerika Serikat dan Jerman.

Beberapa tim mengemukakan kendala yang dihadapi, yang pada gilirannya dapat memberikan gambaran potensi masalah yang bisa jadi juga akan ditemui tim-tim lain di masa depan. Kawan-kawan dari Malaysia, misalnya, mendapati semakin sulitnya merekrut dan mengelola sukarelawan pelokal baru. Kawan-kawan dari Filipina, di sisi lain, menjumpai masalah pelestarian bahasa yang lebih serius karena Pemerintah Filipina dirasa belum terlalu bersungguh-sungguh mengamanatkan pengajaran bahasa Tagalog dalam kurikulum pendidikan di sekolah-sekolah dasar dan sekolah-sekolah menengah.

Di sini kami juga berbagi kiat dan saran. Yang menurut saya paling menarik adalah langkah yang ditempuh kawan-kawan dari Kamboja yang mengupayakan kerja sama dengan pemerintah setempat, khususnya dengan otoritas pendidikan dan kebudayaan. Hal ini penting karena perkembangan dan pengembangan peradaban mau tidak mau akan terus-menerus menempatkan kita pada situasi di mana bahasa Inggris akan menjadi semakin familier dalam interaksi berbasis teknologi komunikasi dan informasi sehari-hari, meninggalkan bahasa-bahasa lokal berjuang sendiri agar tidak tergerus derasnya arus modernisasi dan globalisasi.

Kami dari Indonesia berusaha untuk melakukan perbaikan yang berkelanjutan. Dalam konteks pembangunan pelokalan baru, potensi permintaan-permintaan pelokalan bahasa daerah kemungkinan akan terus bermunculan seiring kesadaran dan kepedulian akan pentingnya pelestarian bahasa ibu. Diperlukan penjaminan mutu awal yang baik sejak tahap perencanaan dan pelaksanaan, seperti prasyarat ketersediaan dan kebersediaan penutur jati dalam tim, pembiasaan interaksi dengan antarmuka aplikasi yang disepakati, dan pemenuhan target secara bertahap dari proyek-proyek kecil menuju proyek-proyek besar. Sekadar informasi, permintaan pelokalan bahasa daerah yang saat ini sedang ditindaklanjuti adalah pelokalan bahasa Makassar.

Sementara itu, dalam konteks pengembangan pelokalan yang telah tersedia, tantangan terbesarnya adalah bagaimana mempertahankan kemanfaatan dan kepraktisan terjemahan tiap-tiap pelokalan. Dibutuhkan penjaminan mutu lanjutan di tahap pemantauan dan evaluasi, seperti pengukuran keberhasilan, penyesuaian target jangka panjang, dan penyelenggaraan pertemuan rutin tahunan. Saat ini telah tersedia empat bahasa daerah yang digarap yaitu bahasa Aceh, bahasa Sunda, bahasa Jawa, dan bahasa Gorontalo.

Fungsi bahasa sebagai alat komunikasi mesin akan perlahan-lahan menandingi fungsi asalinya sebagai alat komunikasi insani seiring pesatnya pergeseran interaksi dari manusia-ke-manusia menjadi manusia-ke-mesin-ke-manusia. Kecenderungan generasi muda yang lebih banyak menghabiskan waktu aktifnya berkomunikasi nonverbal dengan perantaraan berbagai gawai dan peranti alih-alih berkomunikasi verbal dan langsung dengan orang-orang di sekitarnya juga seakan mengiakan gejalanya. Peran serta kita semua sangatlah penting guna melestarikan bahasa-bahasa kita, salah satunya adalah dengan menjadikannya sebagai alat komunikasi pada situs-situs web yang kita kunjungi dan aplikasi-aplikasi perangkat lunak yang kita pakai sehari-hari.

Semoga bermanfaat!

Ditulis oleh : Armen Ringgo

Mozilla Announces Firefox Lite Rebranding, Introduce Firefox ScreenshotGo to Indonesian Market, and New Partnership to boost Ecosystem across Asia

Jakarta, November 1, 2018 - Mozilla, a non-profit pioneer and advocate for the open Web, launched Firefox Rocket last November in Jakarta. The browser that was designed to specifically catered Indonesian mobile users, has been gaining popularity for its fast, lite package and data-efficient web browsing. To celebrate the browser’s first anniversary, Mozilla announces today (11/1) that Firefox Rocket is officially being rebranded as Firefox Lite and will partner with ExpressVPN, the global leader in consumer VPN service, to provide Asian users with more secure and private browsing experience.

“With more than 130 million mobile Internet users, Indonesia is definitely one of the most important markets to fulfill Mozilla’s mission,” said Joe Cheng, Head of Product Mozilla Asia. “We conducted multiple studies to better understand the needs and desires of mobile Internet users in Indonesia, and designed Firefox Lite based on the result of those studies. So, for us to witness how the browser has been positively received by users over the past year is extremely exciting for all of us at Mozilla.”

According to Mozilla’s internal data, Firefox Lite has saved more than 4,000+ hours (around 166+ days/5+ months) of Internet users time since it’s launch. Mozilla also estimates that Firefox Lite’s Turbo Mode, which blocks third-party content such as ads on web pages, has saved more than 25,000+ hours (around 3 years) of our users’ time over the last year. No wonder, Firefox Lite is one of the highest-rated (4.6 stars) browsers in the Play Store, faring better other major browsers in the market.

The size of Firefox Lite is less than 3.5MB, which is less than 10% of the size of many major browsers in the market. Because Firefox Lite is lightweight, users can stay updated on the newest offerings from Firefox Lite and not have to worry about spending much of the data to update the app. This is especially important in a market like Indonesia, considering that almost half (46%) of Indonesian mobile Internet users are not using broadband (3G/4G) connection as reported by We Are Social earlier this year.

To enable more people to enjoy the power of the open Web, Mozilla continues to invest in strengthening product lines and building strategic partnerships across Asia. Today Mozilla is announcing the establishment of a partnership with ExpressVPN in Asia.  “We are proud to see the rapid adoption of Firefox Lite and to provide a more secure browsing experience together with ExpressVPN. We see VPNs as a critical tool for Internet security and privacy. With such a strong partnership, we can bring a new level of mobile experience for our users.” said Charles P.C. Chen, Head of Business Development, Mozilla Asia. “

Mozilla aim to build the Internet as a global public resource, open and secure for Indonesia. Now, Indonesia users can enjoy exclusive 7-day trial of ExpressVPN, enabling them to use the service free of charge on their Android phone.

Firefox ScreenshotGO beta

At the same event, Mozilla also introduces another new app that is exclusive for Indonesian Android users called Firefox ScreenshotGo beta. This application aims to help users capture information from various apps. Combining efficiency and user-friendliness, the application helps users to take, organize, and find screenshots in just seconds. ScreenshotGo also featured with Text Recognition which allows users to extract texts from a screenshot and copy them for any needs.

“Many Indonesian users take screenshots of articles and interesting items from social media with their browser. We understand users also spend a lot of time on apps. With Firefox ScreenshotGo, we want to help users take, organize, and find screenshots taken from across apps. One of the most exciting feature in Firefox ScreenshotGo is Text Recognition, which enables users to quickly search for relevant contents on the web again” added Cheng.


Download Now

Firefox Lite: https://mzl.la/2JelSEd

Firefox ScreenshotGo beta: https://mzl.la/2zbs6Ab


About Mozilla

Mozilla is a pioneer and advocate for the Open Web for more than 15 years. We create and promote open standards that enable innovation and advance the Web as a platform for all. Today, hundreds of millions of people worldwide use Mozilla Firefox to experience the Web on computers, tablets and mobile devices. For more information, visit www.mozilla.org.


Latest Firefox Rolls Out Enhanced Tracking Protection

At Firefox, we’re always looking to build features that are true to the Mozillia mission of giving people control over their data and privacy whenever they go online. We recently announced our approach to Anti-tracking where we discussed three key feature areas we’re focusing on to help people feel safe while they’re on the web. With today’s release, we’re making progress against “removing cross-site tracking” with what we’re calling Enhanced Tracking Protection. To ensure we balance these new preferences with the experiences our uses want and expect, we’re rolling things out off-by-default and starting with third-party cookies. You can learn more details about our approach here.


Sssttt, ada tiket #TIAJKT2018 harga spesial untuk anggota Mozilla Indonesia

Masih ingat kemeriahan Tech in Asia Jakarta 2017? Atau, kamu belum sempat hadir di konferensi teknologi dan startup ini tahun lalu? Jangan khawatir, karena tahun ini Tech in Asia Jakarta 2018 (#TIAJKT2018) hadir kembali dengan tidak kalah meriah dan penuh insight. Sedikit bocoran untuk kamu; tahun ini, kamu bisa mengakses 20+ tracks di #TIAJKT2018 hanya dengan satu tiket! Apa saja yang bisa kamu dapatkan di konferensi teknologi dan startup paling bergengsi di Indonesia ini?

Di #TIAJKT2018, kamu bisa melakukan networking bersama lebih dari 5.000 pegiat teknologi dan startup, loh! Siapa tahu, beberapa pemilik kartu nama yang kamu kumpulkan selama networking, kelak akan menjadi partner bisnis kamu?

Startup Factory
Bila kamu datang ke Tech in Asia 2017, kamu mungkin mengenal segmen ini dengan nama Bootstrap Alley. Tahun ini, di segmen pameran startup berubah nama menjadi Startup Factory. Di sini, ratusan startup bisa meningkatkan eksposur di hadapan ribuan pengunjung, calon pengguna, media, bahkan investor.

Speed Dating
Di segmen ini, startup dapat melakukan pitching kepada puluhan investor yang telah kami undang. Kami akan melakukan kurasi terhadap para startup yang ingin melakukan pitching, sesuai dengan preferensi investor.

Tech in Asia akan memilih startup terbaik yang akan beradu di Main Stage. Kamu bisa ikut menyaksikan serunya para startup terbaik mempresentasikan ide inovatif mereka di hadapan para juri untuk memperebutkan title bergengsi, lo!

Pernah menyimpan banyak pertanyaan setelah mengikuti sesi di konferensi teknologi? Di segmen Roundtables, kamu bisa berdiskusi mengenai startup dan teknologi bersama peserta yang jumlahnya terbatas, sehingga diskusimu pun lebih fokus.

Akses Video
Tahun ini, #TIAJKT2018 menyediakan akses video bagi kamu yang ingin menambah relasi sebanyak-banyaknya tanpa melewatkan bahasan segar di Content Stage.


Sebagai official community partner Tech in Asia Jakarta 2018, Mozilla Indonesia mengajakmu untuk turut hadir di Jakarta Convention Center, 23-24 Oktober 2018.

Sssstt, khusus untuk kamu, ada diskon tambahan sebesar 5% dari diskon yang sedang berjalan sekarang untuk pembelian semua tipe tiket! Jangan lupa, masukkan kode promo jkt18mozilla saat registrasi pemesanan tiket. Pesan tiketmu sekarang juga, ya!

Jadi, tunggu apa lagi? Segera pesan tiketmu di sini. Sampai jumpa di #TIAJKT2018! :)

Firefox Rocket Referral Program

Thank you for your participating the Firefox Rocket Referral campaign and sharing Firefox Rocket with your friends. The campaign ended very quickly due to its popularity. Please keep supporting Firefox Rocket, and stay tuned for future activies, maybe you'll be the winner in next round.

If you have further feedback, you may also contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Much appreciated!

Firefox Rocket to Be Soon Available in Javanese and Sundanese

Firefox Rocket is one of Mozilla’s success stories in Indonesia. That said, Mozilla Foundation keeps on pouring attention to Internet users in the large country thanks to its quite significant number.

In addition, Internet users in Indonesia are heterogeneous. Cultures and languages are very diverse, which is why it is not enough to launch products in English and Indonesian. Mozilla understands well that many Indonesians prefer browsing the web in their mother tongues which in many cases are indigenous languages. Unfortunately, there are not many supports available for these languages in Indonesia.

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