Mozilla New Logo

18 January 2017, it's finally here! Mozilla just launched it's new logo. As you can see the details on the blog post written by Tim Murray, the Creative Director of Mozilla, Arrival. I must say the logo is brave and dare to be different from nowadays trend of design look and feel, especially reffering to the color. But i think, and i hope, we can explore the color as we want in future. As you might already follow the news, Mozilla is open the design process to anyone to give design concepts and ideas. And from many different chosen concepts, we finally came up with this new Mozilla brand identity as the final result.

The font itself is called Zilla, a font made by Typotheque in the Netherlands, Zilla is free and open to all. But we still need to wait for this font to be ready to download and use. It's still not yet available at this time.

Written by : Yofie Setiawan