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Mozilla Community Space Jakarta Resmi Dibuka

Berfokus Pada Edukasi dan Kolaborasi Bersama Pengembang Lokal

Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta, 13 Mei 2016 - Mozilla Community Space Jakarta secara resmi dibuka Jumat, 13 Mei 2016. Ini merupakan ruang komunitas keempat di Asia setelah Taipei (Taiwan), Bangalore (India), dan Manila (Filipina). Berlokasi di bilangan Cikini, Jakarta Pusat, Mozilla Community Space Jakarta difokuskan sebagai ruang edukasi dan pelatihan mengenai teknologi internet dan tempat kolaborasi bersama komunitas pengembang lokal.

Mozilla Community Space Jakarta bukan kantor Mozilla di Indonesia, melainkan sebuah ruang komunitas yang dikelola oleh Komunitas Mozilla Indonesia dengan dukungan Mozilla. Mozilla Community Space Jakarta merupakan wadah yang didukung langsung oleh Mozilla, bekerjasama dengan rekanrekan Komunitas Mozilla Indonesia. Ruang komunitas ini hadir sebagai wadahterutama bagi rekanrekan pengembang web. Ruang komunitas ini gratis dan terbuka untuk digunakan bagi kegiatan lokakarya dan pelatihan. Semoga ruang komunitas ini bisa bermanfaat untuk banyak orang, terutama mencerdaskan temanteman yang datang dan hadir di setiap a cara yang berlangsung di sini, ucap Yofie Setiawan, Mozilla Representative dari Jakarta sekaligus Space Manager dari Mozilla Community Space Jakarta.

Sebagai wujud rasa syukur dan perayaan atas hadirnya Mozilla Community Space Jakarta, Komunitas Mozilla Indonesia menggelar malam pembukaan pada hari Jumat, 13 Mei 2016. Acara pembukaan berlangsung di Workroom, Jalan Cikini No. 9 Jakarta Pusat, mulai pukul 19:00 WIB. Selain mengundang pegiat komunitas pengembang lokal, acara ini juga dihadiri oleh para rekanan serta wartawan media cetak maupun elektronik.


Dalam malam pembukaan ini hadir pula Brian King, Participation Partnership dari Mozilla yang datang untuk meresmikan Mozilla Community Space Jakarta. Mozilla membuka ruang komunitas fisik keempat yang dijalankan oleh sukarelawan di Jakarta, setelah Bangalore, Manila, dan Taipei. Satu ruang komunitas lainnya akan segera dibuka di Berlin. Mengapa Jakarta? Komunitas Mozilla di sini adalah salah satu komunitas kami yang paling aktif di dunia, yang telah berakar dan memiliki jejaring kuat di ranah teknologi. Indonesia adalah negara yang penting dengan kehadiran di web yang dinamis, dan kami ingin terlibat dengan lebih banyak pihak untuk membuat pengalaman daring yang lebih baik untuk semua orang, kata Brian.

Ruang komunitas ini tak hanya diperuntukkan bagi para Mozillians saja. Tempat ini merupakan wadah untuk menyelenggarakan banyak acara. Kami akan mengadakan presentasi, lokakarya, dan jenis acara yang lain untuk melibatkan diri dengan beragam komunitas di Jakarta. Kami akan bekerja sama dengan organisasi lain yang selaras dengan misi Mozilla untuk menjaga internet sebagai sumber daya publik global untuk membuka kemungkinan mereka mempergunakan ruang komunitas ini dan mengerjakan proyek bersama Mozilla. Marilah bergabung bersama kami! ajaknya.

Selain dibuka untuk mengadakan acara yang berkaitan dengan Mozilla dan ragam kegiatan lain yang berfokus pada teknologi, Komunitas Mozilla Indonesia juga mengundang komunitas open source lainnya untuk berkolaborasi dalam berbagai bidang dengan mengadakan bermacam-macam kegiatan di Mozilla Community Space Jakarta.

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Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, silakan hubungi:

Dian Ina Mahendra
Community Relations Manager
Mozilla Community Space Jakarta
E: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
T: +62816557684

Irayani Queencyputri
Mozilla Event Manager
Mozilla Community Space Jakarta
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T: +628119852317

Developing the Internet and defending its openness are key to global growth that is equitable, sustainable, and inclusive. The Internet is most powerful when anyone regardless of gender or geography can participate equally.

Today Mozilla announced two commitments to help make universal internet access a reality as part of the U.S. State Departments Global Connect Initiative global actions, in partnership with the World Bank and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE):

  • Mozilla will launch a public challenge this year to spur innovation and equal-rating solutions for providing affordable access and digital literacy. The goal is to inject practical, action-oriented, new thinking into the current debate on how to connect the unconnected people of the world.
  • Additionally, Mozilla is building a global hub to help more women learn how to read, write, and participate online. Over the past five years, Mozilla volunteers have started over 100 clubs and run over 5000 local events in 90 countries to teach digital literacy. Building on this model, Mozilla is now working with U.N. Women to set up clubs just for women and girls in Kenya and South Africa. This is the next step towards creating a global hub.

Connecting the unconnected is one of the greatest challenges of our time, and one we must work on together. We will need corporate, government, and philanthropic efforts to ensure that the Internet as the worlds largest shared public resource is truly open and accessible to all. We are pleased to see a sign of that collaboration with the Global Connect Initiative commitments, said Mitchell Baker, executive chairwoman of Mozilla.

Mark Surman, executive director of the Mozilla Foundation, added, We must address the breadth but also the depth of digital inclusion. Having access to the Web is essential, but knowing how to read, write and participate in the digital world has become a basic foundational skill next to reading, writing, and arithmetic. At Mozilla we are looking at and helping to solve both the access and digital literacy elements of inclusion.

We look forward to sharing progress on both our commitments as the year progresses.

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Mozilla Regional Ambassador Lead Indonesia

Recently, Mozilla announce the new Regional Ambassador Leads from various country. One of them is Agung Ahsan from Madura, Indonesia. Who exactly Agung is? Lets get to know him closer.

Hi Agung, would you introduce yourself?

My name is Agung Firdausi Ahsan, born in Sumenep 13 Oktober 1993, and Im in my last year as a student of Industrial Engineering in Universitas Trunojoyo Madura.

Since when you actively contribute in Mozilla community?

Since 10 November 2011. I was interested to contribute to be developer, and my first contribution is to be add-on developer.

How can you know about Mozilla community?

My interest for Mozilla started from MozKopdar (MozCoffee) that was held in Kota Pahlawan (Surabaya). The event explained about how Mozilla community is also contribute on the freedom & openness of the web. And also from that event, I get a chance to know Mozilla Indonesia Community, a community for Mozilla Firefox user in Indonesia.

What makes you want to contribute in Mozilla Community?

Its because I always get new challenge here & I can also educate people on the importance of the open web.

You just had been selected as a Regional Ambassador Leads from Indonesia, what Regional Ambassador Leads really is?

Generally, RAL is coordinator that consist of Mozilla Reps or Firefox Student Ambassador. RAL has role as a coordinator that connect FSA & Firefox Club, help & cordinate campaigns & events in their country.

But for me personally, RAL is not merely a position, but more into a responsibility. Because Im in charged to be a leader (or a captain) that lead a ship with the whole responsibility of the content, the direction, the destination, and will also think about the solution if there's storm in our journey.

What is RAL tasks?

  • Maintain an open & active communication with FSA & Firefox Club.
  • Guide & give advise for Firefox Club Lead(s) & FSA who want to organize an event.
  • Guide student who eligible to create Firefox Club in their university.
  • Make sure Firefox Club deliver their event report & documenting what their doing.
  • Find out how to promote & spread the words about Firefox Club in a new region.

What difficulties you faced as a RAL?

There are some difficulties on becoming a RAL :

  • Getting student attention to join as a FSA
  • Difficulties in organize online meeting because constraint on time zone from Club Lead
  • Generalization deployment of FSA in a region (country)

What benefit you get as a RAL?

There are some benefit on becoming a RAL:

  • Sharpen out leadership skill
  • Improve our skill on marketing, management, communication, & technology.
  • May get an opportunity to join Mozillas event (global or regional)
  • Milestone to be a Mozilla Rep, Mozillas intern, or FSA Executive Board member.

What you expected from being a RAL?

My hope on being a RAL is to integrate FSA in Indonesia with a new spirit & to organize big events that will make Mozillas name & Indonesia even bigger.

Translated by Rizki Dwi Kelimutu.

Say Hello to Dimo!

Finally, Mozilla Indonesia Community launched their new mascot called, Dimo. This mascot creation process actually already started long time ago, with help from Petshopbox Studio. This new mascot is designed with funny and cute looking. The name for this mascot also chosen with long process, by an open vote. At first, community give chance for everyone to help to suggest new name for this mascot. Then we choose 3 best names, then go to vote process once again. Finally, Dimo is chosen as new name for our new mascot, this name is suggested by Rizky Luthfianto. Rizky says Dimo is a shorten word from Dinosaur Mozilla. And he says, Dimo still relative with Si Komo.


Mozilla Design Community

Mozilla, through the Participation program, just launched the Community Design to host Mozillians who want to contribute in design areas. We already knew that Mozilla is a global community that existed in most part of the world. And each community also help to support Mozilla's mission in keeping the web open for everyone. But, if talk about Mozilla, most people think that the contributors usually programmers or people in such backgrounds. In fact, community need members that has diverse backgrounds so the community can grow. As well as Mozilla Community, that actually have many fans that loves to use the Mozilla Firefox as their default browser and want to take part in support Mozilla's mission.

My self as an example. I am a web designer. But i don't really like to do code. However, most of my contributions for this community since 2010, mostly relate to design or creative materials. So i realize how important designers to take part in this community.

Through this Design Community, Mozilla invite us all who loves to contribute and want to take parts, can join this Design Community. With the existence of Design Community, we are hoping that design contributions can distributed better to many new contributors. And if there are some needs of design works, we can easily get help to this Design Community

Communication tools that used for this Design Community are GitHub, and Discourse (Forum).



Next Steps for Connected Devices

We recently announced a pivot for Firefox OS to Connected Devices and Id like to share an update on the new product innovations were working on in the IoT space. Weve been working on a Product Innovation Process to identify our new IoT product programs. This process pushes us to think about early-stage ideas as if they were tech-startup projects where teams advocating for them are required to demonstrate a clear consumer value proposition at all points or gates in the development cycle: validation (whether there is a problem to solve), productization (whether there is a market fit), and scaling.

As of today, we have a good set of projects that have passed the first gate, including more SmartTV work (building on the success of our work with Panasonic in this space) and new opportunities such as FoxLink (a personal Web of Things) and Vaani. Were working to open up this innovation process to non-staff participation soon.

Of course, Boot to Gecko (b2g) has been and will continue to be an open source operating system open to contribution.

Were entering this exciting, fragmented IoT space to ensure users have choice through interoperable, open solutions, and for us to act as their advocates for data privacy and security. This is what we at Mozilla do best and it is indeed this intersection of opportunities and challenges that makes it the right time for Mozilla to focus on this new exciting phase of the Internet!

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Firefox OS Pivot to Connected Devices

Everything is connected around us. This revolution has already started and it will be bigger than previous technology revolutions, including the mobile smartphone revolution. Internet of Things, as many call it today, will fundamentally affect all of us.

We will prototype this future starting right now using technologies developed as part of the Firefox OS project to give us a kick start. We will make space for this exploration by stopping our work to build and ship smartphones through carrier partners. We will explore and prototype new use cases in the world of connected devices as an open source project with a clear focus on the user benefit and experience. We will focus on products and technologies that allow people to access and manage their world of connected devices, helping to ensure people are empowered, safe and independent.

We are excited about the challenges and opportunities ahead of us. We believe that the Web can be the right platform for this future of connected devices and we cant wait to share more with everyone soon.

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Mozilla Festival, Come with an Idea, Leave with a Community!


Finally, i can attend the big Mozilla event, which is Mozilla Festival that taken place in Ravensbourne College, London, 6-8 November 2015. Yes i really been there with the invitation from Mozilla Participation Team as one of the Participation Leader from Indonesia. I attended the Mozilla global event such as Mozilla Camp in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. And also the Mozilla Summit in Brussels Belgium. But Mozilla Festival is very much different from those events. Mozilla Festival is an open event that invites all people who interested to learn more about the web technologies, to attend and learn together.

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