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Enliven #FoxYeah Campaign Through #MozkopdarSMG

Last Saturday (20/06), Indonesia Mozilla Community come back conducting another Mozkopdar event in Semarang. This time, because it was coincided with Ramadhan, the event was started from 16:30 until 20:00 WIB. This time, MozkopdarSMG was took place in Legend Coffee Semarang. A new opened cafe in Semarang with cafe & game concept. So the visitors are free to play the games that available in the cafe. The agenda of this event is to discuss about the latest features of Firefox 38, introduction to Mozilla Club, Android Appmaker demo, and also introduction to the latest campaign from Mozilla, Foxyeah.


Mozilla Indonesia at Festival TIK 2015

Annually, Relawan TIK Indonesia arranges an event that gathers hundreds of its members and communities related to ICT from around the country. It’s called Festival TIK, started in 2012 in Telkom Polytechnic (which’s now part of Telkom University). Since 2013 or 2nd Festival TIK, Mozilla Indonesia Community have been participated on this event. And this time, Festival TIK 2015 is here and hold at Sasana Budaya Ganesha, Bandung. Once again, Mozilla Indonesia Community is participating on the event.


New Mozilla Indonesia Community Website

Finally Mozilla Indonesia Community got the chance to redesign it’s website. Inspired by new Mozilla website, the Mozilla Indonesia Community site also shows pictures of reps, volunteers, and contributors as background to make more friendly looks. This website is developed using a popular CMS, which is Joomla!. To follow the trends, this new website also developed using bootstrap so this website become responsive and optimized to be viewed from any kind of devices, from mobile, tablet, to desktop computers. Since Mozilla is a global community, so we think it’s important to have a site that not only use one single language, but also two languages, which is English and Bahasa Indonesia. By that, we wish our local community activities can also be followed by other Mozilla communities around the world.


Mozilla at FOSSASIA 2015

On 13–15 March 2015, the biggest free/open source community event and meetup in Asia was happened in Singapore. It’s called FOSSASIA and it’s the fourth (if I’m not mistake). And it was great. Mozilla is one of sponsors of FOSSASIA 2015 and I’m very lucky to attend as sponsored Mozilla Rep, helping the booth and also speaking about Mozilla project specifically, Webmaker.


Firefox OS Membuktikan Fleksibilitas Web: Ekosistem yang Makin Luas dengan Lebih Banyak Mitra, Kategori Gawai dan Wilayah di 2015

Orange akan membawa Firefox OS ke 13 pasar baru di Afrika dan Timur Tengah; Mozilla, KDDI, LG U+, Telefónica, dan Verizon berkolaborasi pada kategori baru telepon yang berbasis Firefox OS

Barcelona, Spanyol – Mobile World Congress – 1 Maret, 2015 – Mozilla, organisasi berbasis misi yang didedikasikan untuk menjaga kekuatan web tetap berada di tangan tiap orang, menyambut gembira hadirnya mitra dan gawai baru ke dalam ekosistem Firefox OS di sebuah acara di Barcelona, yang mengawali Mobile World Congress.

Presiden Mozilla Li Gong menyampaikan secara ringkas status Firefox OS, yang saat ini digunakan pada beragam gawai, mulai dari ponsel pintar dengan harga paling terjangkau, sampai 4K Ultra HD TV. “Dua tahun yang lalu, Firefox OS adalah janji. Pada MWC 2014 kami mampu menunjukkan bahwa FirefoxOS dapat menyesuaikan diri dengan harga dan faktor bentuk yang berbeda-beda. Hari ini, pada MWC2015, kami merayakan puluhan peluncuran gawai yang berhasil di berbagai benua, adopsi Firefox OS yang melampaui ponsel, serta minat dan inovasi yang tumbuh pesat di seputar satu-satunya platform terbuka piranti bergerak yang sesungguhnya. Juga, kami dengan bangga menyampaikan bahwa 3 penghasil chip terkemuka berkontribusi dalam ekosistem Firefox OS.”


RepsIDMeetup February 2015

The year 2015 opens a new chapter for Mozilla Indonesia. Early this year, two staffs from Mozilla, Gen Kanai (Director of Asia Community Engagement) and William Quiviger (Strategic Lead for Community Development Team), came to Jakarta to held a meeting with Mozilla Representatives (Reps) in Indonesia. The event was held from 13 to 15 February 2015 in Artotel, Thamrin.


Free Saturday Learning Comlabs ITB - Firefox OS

Free Saturday Learning (FSL) is a free, open talk event that being arranged by Comlabs at Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) where people can learn new things for free. Just like the name, it’s always being hold in Saturday. In January, Mozilla Indonesia Community and Comlabs ITB collaborate together to hold Firefox OS-themed FSL. People can learn what Firefox OS is, how to develop apps for Firefox OS and how to contribute to Firefox OS development. I and Muhammad Fadhil gave presentations on the event.

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