Sssttt, ada tiket #TIAJKT2018 harga spesial untuk anggota Mozilla Indonesia

Masih ingat kemeriahan Tech in Asia Jakarta 2017? Atau, kamu belum sempat hadir di konferensi teknologi dan startup ini tahun lalu? Jangan khawatir, karena tahun ini Tech in Asia Jakarta 2018 (#TIAJKT2018) hadir kembali dengan tidak kalah meriah dan penuh insight. Sedikit bocoran untuk kamu; tahun ini, kamu bisa mengakses 20+ tracks di #TIAJKT2018 hanya dengan satu tiket! Apa saja yang bisa kamu dapatkan di konferensi teknologi dan startup paling bergengsi di Indonesia ini?

Di #TIAJKT2018, kamu bisa melakukan networking bersama lebih dari 5.000 pegiat teknologi dan startup, loh! Siapa tahu, beberapa pemilik kartu nama yang kamu kumpulkan selama networking, kelak akan menjadi partner bisnis kamu?

Startup Factory
Bila kamu datang ke Tech in Asia 2017, kamu mungkin mengenal segmen ini dengan nama Bootstrap Alley. Tahun ini, di segmen pameran startup berubah nama menjadi Startup Factory. Di sini, ratusan startup bisa meningkatkan eksposur di hadapan ribuan pengunjung, calon pengguna, media, bahkan investor.

Speed Dating
Di segmen ini, startup dapat melakukan pitching kepada puluhan investor yang telah kami undang. Kami akan melakukan kurasi terhadap para startup yang ingin melakukan pitching, sesuai dengan preferensi investor.

Tech in Asia akan memilih startup terbaik yang akan beradu di Main Stage. Kamu bisa ikut menyaksikan serunya para startup terbaik mempresentasikan ide inovatif mereka di hadapan para juri untuk memperebutkan title bergengsi, lo!

Pernah menyimpan banyak pertanyaan setelah mengikuti sesi di konferensi teknologi? Di segmen Roundtables, kamu bisa berdiskusi mengenai startup dan teknologi bersama peserta yang jumlahnya terbatas, sehingga diskusimu pun lebih fokus.

Akses Video
Tahun ini, #TIAJKT2018 menyediakan akses video bagi kamu yang ingin menambah relasi sebanyak-banyaknya tanpa melewatkan bahasan segar di Content Stage.


Sebagai official community partner Tech in Asia Jakarta 2018, Mozilla Indonesia mengajakmu untuk turut hadir di Jakarta Convention Center, 23-24 Oktober 2018.

Sssstt, khusus untuk kamu, ada diskon tambahan sebesar 5% dari diskon yang sedang berjalan sekarang untuk pembelian semua tipe tiket! Jangan lupa, masukkan kode promo jkt18mozilla saat registrasi pemesanan tiket. Pesan tiketmu sekarang juga, ya!

Jadi, tunggu apa lagi? Segera pesan tiketmu di sini. Sampai jumpa di #TIAJKT2018! :)

Firefox Rocket Referral Program

Thank you for your participating the Firefox Rocket Referral campaign and sharing Firefox Rocket with your friends. The campaign ended very quickly due to its popularity. Please keep supporting Firefox Rocket, and stay tuned for future activies, maybe you'll be the winner in next round.

If you have further feedback, you may also contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Much appreciated!

Firefox Rocket to Be Soon Available in Javanese and Sundanese

Firefox Rocket is one of Mozilla’s success stories in Indonesia. That said, Mozilla Foundation keeps on pouring attention to Internet users in the large country thanks to its quite significant number.

In addition, Internet users in Indonesia are heterogeneous. Cultures and languages are very diverse, which is why it is not enough to launch products in English and Indonesian. Mozilla understands well that many Indonesians prefer browsing the web in their mother tongues which in many cases are indigenous languages. Unfortunately, there are not many supports available for these languages in Indonesia.


More Common Voices

Today we are excited to announce that Common Voice, Mozillas initiative to crowdsource a large dataset of human voices for use in speech technology, is going multilingual! Thanks to the tremendous efforts from Mozillas communities and our deeply engaged language partners you can now donate your voice in German, French and Welsh, and we are working to launch 40+ more as we speak. But this is just the beginning. We want Common Voice to be a tool for any community to make speech technology available in their own language.

Since we launched Common Voice last July, we have collected hundreds of thousands of voice samples in English through our website and iOS app. Last November, we published the first version of the Common Voice dataset. This data has been downloaded thousands of times, and we have seen the data being used in commercial voice products as well as open-source software like Kaldi and our very own speech recognition engine, project Deep Speech.

Up until now, Common Voice has only been available for voice contributions in English. But the goal of Common Voice has always been to support many languages so that we may fulfill our vision of making speech technology more open, accessible, and inclusive for everyone. That is why our main effort these last few months has been around growing and empowering individual language communities to launch Common Voice in their parts of the world, in their local languages and dialects.

In addition to localizing the website, these communities are populating Common Voice with copyright-free sentences for people to read that have the required characteristics for a high quality dataset. They are also helping promote the site in their countries, building a community of contributors, with the goal of growing the total number of hours of data available in each language.

In addition to English, we are now collecting voice samples in French, German and Welsh. And there are already more than 40 other languages on the way??not only big languages like Spanish, Chinese or Russian, but also smaller ones like Frisian, Norwegian or Chuvash. For us, these smaller languages are important because they are often under-served by existing commercial speech recognition services. And so by making this data available, we can empower entrepreneurs and communities to donaaddress this gap on their own.

Going multilingual marks a big step for Common Voice and we hope that its also a big step for speech technology in general. Democratizing voice technology will not only lower the barrier for global innovation, but also the barrier for access to information. Especially so for people who traditionally have had less of this access??for example, vision impaired, people who never learned to read, children, the elderly and many others.

We are thrilled to see the growing support we are getting to build the worlds largest public, multi-language voice dataset. You can help us grow it right now by donating your voice. You can also use the iOS app. If you would like to help bring Common Voice and speech technology to your language, visit our language page. And if you are part of an organization and have an idea for participating in this project, please get in touch ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

Our Forum gives more details on how to help, as well as being a great place to ask questions and meet the communities.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank our Speech Advisory Group, people who have been expert advisors and contributors to the Common Voice project:

  • Francis Tyers??Assistant Professor of Computational Linguistics at Higher School of Economics in Moscow
  • Gilles Adda??Speech scientist
  • Thomas Griffiths??Digital Services Officer, Office of the Legislative Assembly, Australia
  • Joshua Meyer??PhD candidate in Speech Recognition
  • Delyth Prys??Language technologies at Bangor University research center
  • Dewi Bryn Jones??Language technologies at Bangor University research center
  • Wael Farhan??MS in Machine Learning from UCSD, currently doing research for Arabic NLP at
  • Eren Glge??Machine learning scientist currently working on TTS for Mozilla
  • Alaa Saade??Senior Machine Learning Scientist @ Snips (Paris)
  • Laurent Besacier??Professor at Universit Grenoble Alpes, NLP, speech processing, low resource languages
  • David van Leeuwen??Speech Technologist
  • Benjamin Milde??PhD candidate in NLP/speech processing
  • Shay Palachy??M.Sc. in Computer Science, Lead Data Scientist in a startup


Common Voice complements Mozillas work in the field of speech recognition, which runs under the project name Deep Speech, an open-source speech recognition engine model that approaches human accuracy, which was released in November 2017. Together with the growing Common Voice dataset we believe this technology can and will enable a wave of innovative products and services, and that it should be available to everyone.

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Latest Firefox Rocket Now Available with Multi-Tab Feature

Mozilla launched the highly anticipated Multi-Tab feature in the the latest Firefox Rocket update. With Multi-Tab feature in place, you can easily open and switch between multiple tabs and get more done!

6 months ago, Mozilla introduced Firefox Rocket, the fast and lightweight Android browser made for Indonesian users. Firefox Rocket has been rated 4.5-stars on average on Play Store and received tremendous positive user feedback.

Multi-Tab Feature

While Firefox Rocket is loved by so many Indonesian users, Mozilla continues to listen to user needs and enhance user experiences. The new Multi-Tab feature is the most requested features among all and is now available to users. Firefox Rocket users now can open all the tabs they want, whether a shopping site or social websites, and be multitasking as needed and get work done efficiently.

Screenshots Feature

In addition to the new Multi-Tab feature, dont forget to try the super useful Screenshots feature. Users can save the whole screen to read offline with a single tap on the toolbar and the website link is automatically saved too, so users can visit the website again whenever they want.

Turbo Mode Feature

With Turbo Mode, Firefox Rocket protects users on the Web from being followed by tracking ads which are known for slowing down mobile user experience. Not only can users browser faster and stay away from those tracking ads that keep chasing them around the Web but this also means saving more data and having more screen space for the things that the user really cares about.

Firefox Rocket v2.0 is available for download now. Get the latest version of Firefox Rocket on the Play Store.

Survey perekrutan untuk uji coba konsep produk baru!

Untuk setiap anda yang profil dan waktunya terseleksi, kami menyediakan honorarium sebesar Rp. 600.000,- MAP Gift Voucher dan Mozilla T-shirt. sebagai ucapan terima kasih kami atas waktu dan masukan anda.

Isi Form :

No More Notifications (If You Want)

Online, your attention is priceless. Thats why every site in the universe wants permission to send you notifications about new stuff. It can be distracting at best and annoying at worst. The latest version of Firefox for desktop lets you block those requests and many others.

Heres how

You can find the setting to block notification request popups in Options > Permissions > Notification Settings > Block new requests asking to allow notifications. Or on Mac, Preferences > Permissions > Settings > Block new requests to allow notifications.

You can also change the settings for which sites or web apps can ask permission to access your location, camera, and microphone.

The notification setting will block anything using the web-standard Push protocol. If you dont want to block every site, you can specify which sites are allowed to send notifications. They will show up in the list if theyve ever asked permission to push notifications.

Some sites can still get around this restriction and popup blockers using cutting-edge HTML5 tech. More often than not, these popups make for an annoying online experience. The Mozilla community is working on an open-source project to identify these popups and block them. Developer Ehsan Akhgari is working on a Firefox Add-on popup blocker. If you know of a site that has unblockable popups, let him and his team know here. From Ehsan:

Mozilla is collecting a dataset of in-page pop-ups created in HTML. These are pop-ups that pages open at various times, such as upon load, scrolling, inactivity, switching away or back to a tab, etc. We appreciate your help in collecting the dataset by submitting the URL of pages where such pop-ups can be found You can find an example screenshot below. The resulting dataset will be made available under the CC BY 4.0 (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International) license.

Not all popups are bad, however. Some sites use popups to give users important information about their accounts. Ehsan and his team are working on ways to winnow the good popups from the bad.

To enable notification request popup blocking, download the latest version of Firefox here.

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#MozKopdarMKS - Berkenalan dengan Firefox

#MozKopdarMKS adalah acara kopdar atau offline meetup para Mozillian di Makassar. Setelah lama tidak dilaksanakan, #MozKopdarMKS kembali diadakan di Makassar.

Pada kesempatan kali ini akan membahas mengenai:

  1. Firefox Quantum yang jauh lebih cepat dari versi browser sebelumnya
  2. Firefox Rocket peramban mobile yang khusus dibuat untuk masyarakat Indonesia dengan ukuran yang sangat ringan dan bisa menghemat paket data
  3. Workshop singkat membuat extensions sederhana pada peramban Firefox

Acara ini akan dipandu oleh Muh. Fachrul Razy, salah satu Mozilla Tech Speaker di Indonesia, dan diadakan pada:

Hari / Tanggal: Kamis / 29 April 2018
Pukul: 19.30 WITA - selesai
Lokasi: Warkop Ogi'e Abdesir, Jl. Abdullah Dg. Sirua, Makassar. (Google Map)
Registrasi : Eventbrite

Perlu kami beritahukan, acara ini terbuka untuk umum, gratis dan tidak berbayar, serta akan disediakan konsumsi ringan untuk para peserta.

Sampai berjumpa!

Recently a scandal involving Facebook has once again revealed. Infomation of around 50 million users was known to be used by Cambridge Analytica, a private company. What we must be concerned is that all the private information on Facebook is used without any prior consent or knowledge of users. And this is not a thing to dismiss especially when we have great concern with the movement of open, healthy and equal internet.


Dimo with Firefox Quantum Armor

Do you still remember our cute Mozilla Indonesia Community's mascot, Dimo? Celebrating the launch of Firefox Quantum, we are working together with Petshopbox Studio, a design agency based in Bandung, Indonesia. We release a new Dimo illustration that wearing Firefox Quantum armor. Dimo is a mascot of Mozilla Indonesia Community, made by Petshopbox Studio in 2016. We also have a Telegram Sticker Pack of Dimo Mascot that you can download for FREE. Now that we already have this new Dimo illustration, we already add this to that Sticker Pack. Fly Dimo Fly and save the Web! :D

Download Dimo Firefox Quantum Wallpaper


Firefox Quantum Wallpaper Collection

Sean Martell, the Communication Design Lead of Mozilla, just shared a pack of Firefox Quantum Wallpaper Theme Collection, from his tweet. Grab it fast! :D


Introducing the New Firefox: Firefox Quantum

Its fast. Really fast. Firefox Quantum is over twice as fast as Firefox from 6 months ago, built on a completely overhauled core engine with brand new technology stolen from our advanced research group, and graced with a beautiful new look designed to get out of the way and let you do what you do best: surf a ton of pages, open a zillion tabs, all guilt free because Firefox Quantum uses less memory than the competition. Your computer will thank you.


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