The Best Firefox Ever

With E10s, our new version of Firefox nails the just right balance between memory and speed

On the Firefox team, one thing we always hear from our users is that they rely on the web for complex tasks like trip planning and shopping comparisons. That often means having many tabs open. And the sites and web apps running in those tabs often have lots of things going on animations, videos, big pictures and more. Complex sites are more and more common. The average website today is nearly 2.5 megabytes the same size as the original version of the game Doom, according to Wired. Up until now, a complex site in one Firefox tab could slow down all the others. That often meant a less than perfect browsing experience.


Mozilla Community Space Jakarta is coming back! Focusing On Education and Collaboration with Local Developers

Jakarta, 2 June 2017 - The new Mozilla Community Space Jakarta is officially opened this Friday, 2 June 2017, through an event they called Relaunch Party. After located before in Cikini, Jakarta Pusat, the new Mozilla Community Space Jakarta right now located in Kuningan Barat, Mampang Prapatan, Jakarta Selatan. Mozilla Community Space Jakarta focuses itself as an education and training space on Internet technology and a venue for collaboration with local developers.


Dimo Sticker Pack Now Available on iMessage and Telegram App

We are very proud to share with you, a Dimo Sticker pack which is now available to download for free to your iMessage and Telegram App. We are very grateful with such awesome contribution work made by Petshopbox Studio team. Petshopbox Studio is a design agency, specialized in creating illustrative related contents for startups and brands of various scales all around the world. Petshopbox Studio and Mozilla Indonesia Community have been working together and collaborating for quite sometime. Dimo, the Mozilla Indonesia Community mascot is made by Petshopbox Studio.

Enjoy your new Dimo Sticker pack! :D

Blog Post by Petshopbox Studio.

LocalStartupFest 2017, Tech for All

Join LocalStartupFest & Get Connected with Thousands of Potential Users!

It needs more than just a strong pitch and exhaustive business model to convince your potential customers. Let them see and try your product in the most unique way. Take your chance to showcase your product in LocalStartupFest to more than 15.000 potential users! LocalStartupFest organized by and StartupLokal Community, is a festival where the best startups from Indonesia showcase their product to non-tech people.

We invite you to meet 100 exhibitors and gain insight from conference by C-level speakers brought to you by LocalStartupFest. Youll also get these advantages:

  • Customer Acquisition : Convert massive visitor into your customer directly on the spot
  • Customer Engagement : Engage prospective customer and gain their loyalty
  • Market Research : Direct feedback from customer about your product

We also provide programs which are deliberately planned to make sure that every startup can stand out and gain as many benefits as they can get.

  • Startup Pitch Battle : Present your startup, join the battle and win the PRIZE!
  • Networking Night : Build better connection with other startup, investor, and media
  • Recruitment Pitch : Promote your startup job vacancy to attract best talent

LocalStartupFest is going to be held on 24-26 February 2017 at The Space, Senayan City.

What are you waiting for? Get special 20% discount by filling up this form. from 13-20 January 2017 and join us NOW! (Enter the promo code: TIAxLSF2017)

For more information please contact +62812 1093 4213 (Anindita)

Don't forget to follow our Instagram @LocalStartupFest and visit our website

Mozilla New Logo

18 January 2017, it's finally here! Mozilla just launched it's new logo. As you can see the details on the blog post written by Tim Murray, the Creative Director of Mozilla, Arrival. I must say the logo is brave and dare to be different from nowadays trend of design look and feel, especially reffering to the color. But i think, and i hope, we can explore the color as we want in future. As you might already follow the news, Mozilla is open the design process to anyone to give design concepts and ideas. And from many different chosen concepts, we finally came up with this new Mozilla brand identity as the final result.


Mozkopdar Malang

Mozilla Indonesia as Community Partner for GMASA 2017 Jakarta

The Global Mobile App Summit and Awards (GMASA) 2017, the Worlds Largest Event for Mobile App Innovations will be Arriving for the First Time to Jakarta, Indonesia.

The annual summit with the vision to promote the potential of the mobile app industry in the country by presenting an agenda which includes: an exhibition, keynotes, panel discussions, networking sessions, workshops, and an Indie Pitch Fest.

Jakarta, 8 December 2016 Along with the rapid development of technology which impacts to the mobile innovations industry in Asia Pacific, the Global Mobile App Summit and Awards (GMASA) 2017 will be arriving for the first time in Jakarta, Indonesia on 26th January 2017 in Balai Kartini. Jakarta will be the third city outside India and Thailand that will be hosting this global summit, since Indonesia is the third largest smartphone market user in South East Asia after China and India with 90% of its population using mobile devices to access the internet. GMASA as the worlds biggest platform that brings together various stakeholders from mobile app and innovation industry around the globe, is committed to be a part of the fast growing ecosystem by presenting an agenda that includes: an exhibition, keynotes, panel discussions, networking sessions, workshops, and an Indie Pitch fest.

Venkatesh, C.R, Founder and Chairman of GMASA said, We see a very high potential to drive the economy and business in the mobile app industry in Indonesia. GMASA 2017 is organized to bring together stakeholders in the ecosystem to make the mobile app industry in the country more recognized in the global arena. It won't be surprising if the entire web moves to App-only in the future.

GMASA 2017 will be attended by more than 500 attendees within the mobile ecosystem, such as experts from mobile industry, mobile enthusiasts, app developers, app marketers, decision makers, investors and journalists along with managers and executives.

GMASA 2017, Jakarta will see pioneers of the mobile industry share their views on some specific themes. Some of the speakers who will be attending this event are:

  • Pankaj Khushani, Head of Media Technology Solutions SEA, India & Korea of Google
  • Nopparat Yokubon, AUNZ/SEA Lead, App Developer Sales of Google
  • Deepesh Trivedi, Ecommerce Industry Head (South East Asia) of Facebook
  • BW Doan, Chief of Operation & Marketplace Development of OLX
  • Anton Soeharyo, Co-Founder and CEO of Touchten Games
  • Adrian Li, Founder and Managing Partner of Convergence Ventures
  • Danny Wirianto, Chief of Marketing Officer of GDP Venture
  • Ronny W. Sugiadha, Chief of Marketing Officer of Kaskus
  • Giring Ganesha, CEO and Founder of Kincir
  • David Wayne Ika, CEO and Founder of Kurio
  • Antonny Liem, CEO of Merah Putih Inc.
  • Ibrahim Arief, Vice President of Engineering of Bukalapak
  • Lars Oleson, CEO of Ice House
  • Jakob Knutzen, Managing Director of Lion & Lion
  • Leon John Hermann, Associate of Global Founders Capital
  • Sukan Makmuri, Chief of Technology Officer of Kudo
  • Amit Lakhotia, Vice President of Business at Tokopedia
  • Adrian A. Gunadi, Co-Founder and Chairman of Investree
  • Hanifa Ambadar, Founder and CEO of Female Daily
  • Sebastian Togelang, Founding Partner of Kejora
  • Peter Shearer, Managing Director of AR&Co

GMASA will also feature an Indie Pitch Fest targeted towards indie game developers. They will get a chance to present their games in front of a jury and get a chance to meet with investors. Three winners will take home a cash prize each of US $ 1,250, $ 750 and $ 500, respectively. GMASA has already received over 120 registrations from developers worldwide.

Visit for the full agenda and list of speakers

GMASA is the biggest event in mobile innovation that held annually and an initiative of Dot Com Infoway (DCI), a leading IT company in India that provides business solutions manpower in IT business worldwide. GMASA To find out more, please visit:

For more information, please contact:

Voice & Berliner PR Firm

Irene Subrata
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
0822 99243695

Putri Perwira
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
0819 04245445

Sirly W. Nasir
Associate Account Director
Lead of Voice Of Startups by Kennedy, Voice & Berliner
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0815 1606021

We also are happy to announce that Mozilla Indonesia is Community Partner of GMASA 2017 Jakarta. By using the discount code, MI50, you can purchase the Super Saver Pass for just $5! For your information, Mozilla Indonesia never take any profit from GMASA 2017 ticket purchases. We remain a non-profit community.

Today, were pleased to announce the launch of Firefox Focus a free, fast and easy to use private browser for iOS.

We live in an age where too many users have lost trust and lack meaningful controls over their digital lives. For some users, it seems as though your web activities can follow you everywhere across devices, across accounts. To make matters worse, the web can often feel cluttered. Thats why we are introducing Firefox Focus.

For the times when you dont want to leave a record on your phone. You may be looking for information that in certain situations is sensitive searches for engagement rings, flights to Las Vegas or expensive cigars, for example. And sometimes you just want a super simple, super fast Web experience no tabs, no menus, no pop-ups.

Firefox Focus gives you just that.

Firefox Focus is set by default to block many of the trackers that follow you around the Web. You dont need to change privacy or cookie settings. You can browse with peace of mind, feeling confident in the knowledge that you can instantly erase your sessions with a single tap no menus needed.

Much of what makes mobile web pages slow is the technology used to track users on the web. Because Firefox Focus blocks these trackers, it is likely youll notice a performance boost on the many sites that track your behavior. When you occasionally see a site that doesnt work because it is dependent on tracking, and if you dont mind that kind of tracking, Firefox Focus makes it easy to open your current site in either Firefox or Safari.


Diskon Spesial Tech in Asia Jakarta 2016 dari Mozilla Indonesia Buat Kamu!

Tech in Asia adalah komunitas online bagi pelaku startup di Asia. Untuk menjangkau ekosistem startup teknologi secara offlline, Tech in Asia juga menyelenggarakan acara konferensi tahunan yang diadakan di Singapura, Tokyo, Bangalore, dan Jakarta. Konferensi Tech in Asia mempertemukan seluruh anggota ekosistem startup dan teknologi di Asia. Dari mulai entrepreneur, tech & startup enthusiast, developer, mahasiswa, investor, kalangan korporat, dan lain sebagainya dari berbagai belahan dunia.

Tahun ini, Tech in Asia Jakarta 2016 akan diselenggarakan pada tanggal 16 dan 17 November di Balai Kartini. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut seputar Tech in Asia Jakarta 2016 kamu dapat mengakses laman resminya.

Kabar baiknya, Mozilla Indonesia kali ini menjadi Community Partner untuk Tech in Asia Jakarta 2016. Dengan kerja sama ini, kami akan memberikan kamu diskon spesial dan untuk menghadiri konferensi Tech in Asia Jakarta 2016. Bagaimana caranya?

Kamu bisa mendapatkan diskon 20 persen untuk tipe tiket General Pass, Investor Pass, Startup Pass. Cukup masukkan kode tiajktmzindo20 di form pembelian tiket.

Terbatas hanya untuk 20 orang dan akan berakhir pada Selasa, 15 November 2016.

Punya pertanyaan lebih lanjut seputar tentang Mozilla Indonesia di Tech in Asia Jakarta 2016? Silakan mengirim email melalui This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it :)

We are Official Community Partner of Tech in Asia Jakarta 2016

We are now Official Community Partner of #tiajkt2016! Dapatkan diskon 20% khusus untuk anggota Komunitas Mozilla Indonesia dengan kode tiajktmzindo20. Kunjungi situs resmi Tech in Asia Jakarta 2016 untuk pembelian tiket dan informasi lebih lanjut tentang agenda.

Marketing & Dev team update from MozLondon


I've been very lucky to be invited by Mozilla to attend their annual conference (Mozilla All Hands) this year in London. Mozilla All Hands London was held from 13 until 17 June 2016 in 3 different location, which isHilton London Paddington, Hilton London Metropole, and The Landmark. And this time, I was invited by the Marketing team to work closely with Support Mozilla team.

In the plenary session of the first day, Mitchell Baker, as an Executive Chairwoman in Mozilla Foundation, explain that despite of the many changes that currently happening in Mozilla, she's encourage us to:

  • Keep moving
  • Invite others
  • Change
  • Harness your fear

There are also many lessons & intriguing information that I got from this event. Some of them are news update from Marketing team & some interesting project from Mozilla dev team.

  • Open sourcing Marketing work

This year, Mozilla is constantly changing and revamping its various division. One that happen in Marketing team is to open the opportunity for volunteer to take part in Marketing activities, says like social media. There is also a program called Mozilla Open Design that was initiated to invite volunteers to take part in the process of rebrand the new identity of Mozilla.

  • Rust programming language

Rust is a modern programming language that the development are being sponsored by Mozilla. Although its development is sponsored by Mozilla, it is an open community project. In Indonesia itself, I think not much people know this programming language. However, from the Rust Training session that I join in MozLondon, Rust actually has some interesting features that is intereting to learn more. For you who interested to learn Rust, you can go to its website and documentation here.

  • Servo web engine

If Rust is a programming language, Servo is the product of Rust. Servo is the latest web engine that developed by Mozilla, in collaboration with Samsung. Because Servo showing a significantly better speed than Gecko, many people says that Servo will be the strongest candidate to replate Mozilla Firefox's current engine, Gecko. Let's just look for the next update!

  • MozVR

MozVR is Mozilla's initiative to bring virtual reality technology into the open web. One project that they being developed by MozVR is A-frame. A-frame itself is an open-source framework for creating 3D and virtual reality experiences on the web.

It was a tiring yet inspiring week because this is such a new experience for me. I hope with this new experience, I will not only be a better contributor, but also can inspire more people to contribute to Mozilla.

Mari Bermain dan Belajar tentang Enkripsi dengan Codemoji

Baru-baru ini, Mozilla meluncurkan sebuah tool atau aplikasi baru untuk mengajak kita bermain sekaligus belajar tentang Enkripsi, yaitu Codemoji. Setelah mencoba, saya harus mengakui ini adalah sebuah aplikasi berbasis web yang sangat menarik. Bahkan akan sangat menyenangkan apabila bisa diperkenalkan ke lingkup pendidikan, terutama sekolah-sekolah. Banyak dari kita yang mungkin selama ini hanya sekedar menggunakan aplikasi tanpa memperdulikan bagaimana aplikasi tersebut bekerja, dan apakah keamanan kita dijaga dengan baik. Sebut saja aplikasi berkirim pesan, misalnya Whatsapp, Blackberry Messenger, WeChat, Line App, dan populer belakangan ini seperti Telegram. Apakah kita sudah memperhatikan keamanan aplikasi-aplikasi tersebut? Apakah pesan yang kita kirim sudah di enkripsi, agar keamanan pesan kita terjaga?

Berikut adalah penjelasan tentang Enkripsi yang kami sadur dari website Wikipedia.

"Di bidang kriptografi, enkripsi adalah proses mengamankan suatu informasi dengan membuat informasi tersebut tidak dapat dibaca tanpa bantuan pengetahuan khusus. Dikarenakan enkripsi telah digunakan untuk mengamankan komunikasi di berbagai negara, hanya organisasi-organisasi tertentu dan individu yang memiliki kepentingan yang sangat mendesak akan kerahasiaan yang menggunakan enkripsi. Di pertengahan tahun 1970-an, enkripsi kuat dimanfaatkan untuk pengamanan oleh sekretariat agen pemerintah Amerika Serikat pada domain publik, dan saat ini enkripsi telah digunakan pada sistem secara luas, seperti Internet e-commerce, jaringan Telepon bergerak dan ATM pada bank."

Jadi enkripsi pada dasarnya sudah sering kita temui pada kehidupan kita sehari-hari, hanya saja seringkali kita tidak menyadarinya. Contohnya adalah ketika kita menggesek kartu ATM atau Kartu Kredit, angka-angka yang dimasukkan adalah angka-angka yang sudah di enkripsi menjadi kode-kode atau sandi.

Jadi lewat Codemoji, Mozilla mengajak kita untuk lebih memahami pentingnya Enkripsi, terutama dalam kehidupan online kita. Untuk mempelajari lebih jauh tentang Enkripsi dan juga berpartisipasi bersama Mozilla, kamu bisa cek website Advokasi Mozilla.


Bagaimana bermain dengan Codemoji? Sangat Mudah!

1. Buka website Codemoji

2. Tulis pesan kamu pada kolom kiri (merah), lalu pilih emoji di kolom tengah (abu-abu) sebagai kunci yang digunakan untuk membuka enkripsi pesan kamu. Jadi misalnya saya membuat pesan "Mountain View, California" sebagai pesan yang akan saya enkripsi. Kemudian saya memilih emoji "Piala". Nah kemudian "Piala" ini yang akan kita jadikan sebagai hint atau petunjuk. Jadi misalnya pertanyaannya adalah "Dimanakah letak kantor pusat Mozilla?". Lalu saya memberi petunjuk/hint, "Tanda penghargaan untuk sebuah prestasi". Sehingga untuk bisa membuka pesan yang sudah di enkripsi, user harus memilih emoji yang tepat, dengan cara mencari berdasarkan petunjuk/hint dari kita. Apabila user berhasil memilih emoji yang tepat, maka pesan yang di enkripsi akan tampil di kolom kanan (putih).

3. Bagikan link Codemoji kamu ke teman-teman kamu, tantang mereka untuk memecahkan kode kamu!

Begitulah cara menggunakan atau bermain dengan Codemoji. Sangat mudah bukan? Ayo dicoba! :D (YS)

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