Mozilla Announces Firefox Lite Rebranding, Introduce Firefox ScreenshotGo to Indonesian Market, and New Partnership to boost Ecosystem across Asia

Jakarta, November 1, 2018 - Mozilla, a non-profit pioneer and advocate for the open Web, launched Firefox Rocket last November in Jakarta. The browser that was designed to specifically catered Indonesian mobile users, has been gaining popularity for its fast, lite package and data-efficient web browsing. To celebrate the browser’s first anniversary, Mozilla announces today (11/1) that Firefox Rocket is officially being rebranded as Firefox Lite and will partner with ExpressVPN, the global leader in consumer VPN service, to provide Asian users with more secure and private browsing experience.

“With more than 130 million mobile Internet users, Indonesia is definitely one of the most important markets to fulfill Mozilla’s mission,” said Joe Cheng, Head of Product Mozilla Asia. “We conducted multiple studies to better understand the needs and desires of mobile Internet users in Indonesia, and designed Firefox Lite based on the result of those studies. So, for us to witness how the browser has been positively received by users over the past year is extremely exciting for all of us at Mozilla.”

According to Mozilla’s internal data, Firefox Lite has saved more than 4,000+ hours (around 166+ days/5+ months) of Internet users time since it’s launch. Mozilla also estimates that Firefox Lite’s Turbo Mode, which blocks third-party content such as ads on web pages, has saved more than 25,000+ hours (around 3 years) of our users’ time over the last year. No wonder, Firefox Lite is one of the highest-rated (4.6 stars) browsers in the Play Store, faring better other major browsers in the market.

The size of Firefox Lite is less than 3.5MB, which is less than 10% of the size of many major browsers in the market. Because Firefox Lite is lightweight, users can stay updated on the newest offerings from Firefox Lite and not have to worry about spending much of the data to update the app. This is especially important in a market like Indonesia, considering that almost half (46%) of Indonesian mobile Internet users are not using broadband (3G/4G) connection as reported by We Are Social earlier this year.

To enable more people to enjoy the power of the open Web, Mozilla continues to invest in strengthening product lines and building strategic partnerships across Asia. Today Mozilla is announcing the establishment of a partnership with ExpressVPN in Asia.  “We are proud to see the rapid adoption of Firefox Lite and to provide a more secure browsing experience together with ExpressVPN. We see VPNs as a critical tool for Internet security and privacy. With such a strong partnership, we can bring a new level of mobile experience for our users.” said Charles P.C. Chen, Head of Business Development, Mozilla Asia. “

Mozilla aim to build the Internet as a global public resource, open and secure for Indonesia. Now, Indonesia users can enjoy exclusive 7-day trial of ExpressVPN, enabling them to use the service free of charge on their Android phone.

Firefox ScreenshotGO beta

At the same event, Mozilla also introduces another new app that is exclusive for Indonesian Android users called Firefox ScreenshotGo beta. This application aims to help users capture information from various apps. Combining efficiency and user-friendliness, the application helps users to take, organize, and find screenshots in just seconds. ScreenshotGo also featured with Text Recognition which allows users to extract texts from a screenshot and copy them for any needs.

“Many Indonesian users take screenshots of articles and interesting items from social media with their browser. We understand users also spend a lot of time on apps. With Firefox ScreenshotGo, we want to help users take, organize, and find screenshots taken from across apps. One of the most exciting feature in Firefox ScreenshotGo is Text Recognition, which enables users to quickly search for relevant contents on the web again” added Cheng.


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