Free Saturday Learning Comlabs ITB - Firefox OS

Free Saturday Learning (FSL) is a free, open talk event that being arranged by Comlabs at Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) where people can learn new things for free. Just like the name, itís always being hold in Saturday. In January, Mozilla Indonesia Community and Comlabs ITB collaborate together to hold Firefox OS-themed FSL. People can learn what Firefox OS is, how to develop apps for Firefox OS and how to contribute to Firefox OS development. I and Muhammad Fadhil gave presentations on the event.


#FSLFirefoxOS starts with a forewords by Basuki Suhardiman, Head of Comlabs ITB. Heís really appreciated Mozilla for bringing Firefox OS to the world. He hopes that Firefox OS can open opportunity for developers in Indonesia to create easily apps for specific needs in Indonesia like apps for fishers and farmers. Then, I gave a presentation about ĎIntroduction to Firefox OSí. I shared about what Firefox OS, why Mozilla develop the OS, great features of Firefox OS that brings great smartphone features in an affordable phone and opportunities for developers to develop Firefox OS apps or even contributing to the development. Then, Fadhil came in and shared about a quick look on Firefox OS app development. He shared the architecture of Firefox OS, how easy to develop Firefox OS using WebIDE on Firefox Developer Edition and submit apps to Firefox Marketplace. He also gave a demo how to use WebIDE and Firefox OS Simulator. After we close the event, we let all attendees to get hands-on Firefox OS devices. We brought Flame, Keon and Infocus TCP tablet to the event. They are very enthusiast on trying those devices. Most attendees love the devices and keep asking when Firefox OS device is coming to Indonesia. In the end, we have a mandatory group picture ??ó?See you in the next event!