Mozilla Festival, Come with an Idea, Leave with a Community!


Finally, i can attend the big Mozilla event, which is Mozilla Festival that taken place in Ravensbourne College, London, 6-8 November 2015. Yes i really been there with the invitation from Mozilla Participation Team as one of the Participation Leader from Indonesia. I attended the Mozilla global event such as Mozilla Camp in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. And also the Mozilla Summit in Brussels Belgium. But Mozilla Festival is very much different from those events. Mozilla Festival is an open event that invites all people who interested to learn more about the web technologies, to attend and learn together.

^ All participants in Mozilla Festival, taking picture together on the final day. (Source: Flickr)

I learnt many things from Mozilla Festival. I am sure there's a lot of things that i can take back to my local community which is Indonesia.

1. Embrace the Diversity
Mozilla Festival event don't have age limitation, from childrens, to many elders, many came to this Mozilla Festival event. Many people come from across the world, with different skin colors, cultures, languages, and also different backgrounds. But all those things wasn't the obstacles for this global community, instead those things become the 'gems' that can be proud of. All those diversities are there at Mozilla Festival with one language, which is the Web Language. What a coincidence, this slogan actually familiar for Indonesians, which is 'Bhinneka Tunggal Ika' that means 'Unity in Diversity!'.

2. Strengths and Weaknesses
A session that i followed was taught me about the importance of knowing our strengths and weaknesses. With knowing those strengths and weaknesses, we can evaluate and improve to be better.

3. Clear Goals and Targets
With clear goals and targets, we can get more focus in directing our self to be closer to what we are visualizing in the future.

4. Maximize Resources
Don't ever stop and give up, just because the limitations we have. We might only have a little resources, either those are talents, times, powers, or minds. If we can maximize our resources, even if those are small resources, still might turn to a huge impact. Especially just like the Web, which an interesting little resources, with just electricity, and a simple computer, we can get many awesome things that can affect the lives of many people in this world.

This is really an interesting experience and lessons that i get from Mozilla Festival in Ravensbourne College, London. I hope, i can become a better person in supporting my local community, in Indonesia. And to grow to be better. Not only contributing to Mozilla, but also inspiring people to get involve and growing together to be better.

Come with an idea, leave with a community!

^ The stage and crowd at Mozilla Festival, Ravensbourne College, London.

^ The Science Fair event at Mozilla Festival 2015, many innovative web creations being showcased here.

^ With Evelyn Hung, who once visited Indonesia. She is working on Firefox OS TV.

^ With awesome, morons, yet lovely Reps!

^ The HTML Puzzle Box Challenge!

^ It can also be interesting for people who already familiar with HTML Language. We already prepared Score Board for this challenge.

Written by Yofie Setiawan. Please also check my Flickr album for more interesting pictures from Mozilla Festival 2015.