Mozilla Indonesia at Festival TIK 2015

Annually, Relawan TIK Indonesia arranges an event that gathers hundreds of its members and communities related to ICT from around the country. Its called Festival TIK, started in 2012 in Telkom Polytechnic (whichs now part of Telkom University). Since 2013 or 2nd Festival TIK, Mozilla Indonesia Community have been participated on this event. And this time, Festival TIK 2015 is here and hold at Sasana Budaya Ganesha, Bandung. Once again, Mozilla Indonesia Community is participating on the event.

During the event, I was helped by Indonesia Reps and FSAs: Irayani Rara Queencyputri (Mozilla Reps and also my mentor), Muhammad Fadhil (Mozilla Reps), Shinta Setiawan (Mozilla Reps), Rizky Ariestiyansyah (Mozilla Reps & Regional Ambassadors Lead in Indonesia, FSA), Budiman Oktavianus (FSA, STMIK Nusa Mandiri) dan Bimo Aryo (FSA, Institut Teknologi Bandung).

Mozilla Indonesia community was presenting a variety of activities during the Festival TIK 2015. We have #MozBooth where visitors can find out more about Mozilla and its projects, particularly Firefox OS and Webmaker; Firefox Clinic, where users can ask anything about Firefox and solution of problems they faced when using Firefox; Firefox OS demo, allow users to try Firefox OS smartphones such as Keon and Flame; and HTML Puzzle Box, where visitors can learn HTML by playing the puzzle box and winning some swags such as pins and stickers.

^ Preparing #MozBooth (Photo Credit: Rara)

^ Firefox OS devices that were shown on our booth (Photo Credit: Rara)

Thankfully, our #MozBooth was so crowded and packed! Visitors were very enthusiasts with Firefox OS smartphones and HTML Puzzle Box game. Our booth was also visited by Mr. Rudiantara as Minister of Communication and Informatics Republic of Indonesia. Hes so happy to see our present in the event because hes also a Firefox user.

^ Visitor is playing HTML Puzzle Box? (Photo Credit: Rara)

^ Me when demoing Firefox OS devices to booth visitors ?(Photo Credit: Rara)

^ Minister of Communication and Informatics Republic of Indonesia, Rudiatara visited our booth ?(Photo Credit: Rara)

In addition of #MozBooth, we also got the chance to hold a workshop on the first day of the Festival TIK. In the workshop, Im giving a presentation about Mozilla as a nonprofit organization and its projects, including Firefox OS. The workshop was attended by more than 55 participants, in excess of the quota of 40 participants.

Two days were quite exhausting as well as so fun. I want to thank for Mak Meti, Pak Fajar Eri and the whole committee of Festival 2015 has allowed us to participate during the event. I also want to thank to Rara, Fadhil, Shinta, Rizky, Budiman and Bimo who have helped #MozBooth during the event.

^ All pictures posted using hashtag #MozFesTIK on social media

All excitements during the event and #MozBooth can be seen on my Flickr album and Raras. Also, all pictures posted by visitors to their social media account using hashtag #MozFesTIK can be seen on Jepret Story gallery.

See you later on Festival TIK next year!