FOSSASIA 2015 - Gen Kanai Presenting Firefox OS

Singapore, 13 March 2015 - Gen Kanai give updates about Firefox OS at FOSSASIA.

Empowerment through the Mozilla Reps Program

At RemoCamp 2014 we sat down with some Mozilla Reps mentors to hear their stories on how Reps empowers them as individuals and as leaders in their communities.

Victory for Net Neutrality - Thank You

The FCCs vote to protect net neutrality today is an important victory for the worlds largest shared resource: the Web. Thanks to you, an Internet where public good comes first is possible!

Firefox Hello - The easiest way to connect for free over video

If you have the latest version of Firefox, you already have Hello. Theres no account or sign-in required and nothing extra to download. Just start a conversation, send your friend a link and ask them to click it. Simple.

HTML Puzzle Box Challenge

To play a game with the HTML Puzzle Box, begin with picking two players that will compete against each other. Their task is to build HTML tags structure in the right combination. The winner of the game will be the one that assembled the correct structure the fastest. But, to make it more interesting, the maximum allotted time to build it would be limited to only two minutes!

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