Because I got flight ticket departing from CGK and must have a meeting about upcoming community space in Jakarta, I must take train from Bandung to Jakarta first. After spending a night in Yofie’s apartment (thanks buddy), I went to the airport by taxi.

Once arrived, I’m checking in and dropping my baggage to Garuda Indonesia desk. Then, going through imigration using autogate-gate and meet Rara, Ira and Nhie who’re going to FOSSASIA too. They’re flying with Tiger Air. Yofie is going too by flying with AirAsia.

Arrived in Singapore and got through the immigration, I met with Rara, Ina and Nhie at Changi MRT Station. We stopped at Chinatown station and checked-in to our hotel and hostel. At night, we had a pre-event dinner near Bugis and met other Mozillians like Michael Kohler, Yogi and Sumanth.


We were arrived at venue around 8:30 am and preparing for our booth. But since we still had nothing to put on, we couldn’t open our booth yet (until somebody’s claiming our desk and using it for their booth). Inside the auditorium, we’re listening to all keynote speechs and presentations. From Mozilla, we have Gen Kanai who was presenting about Firefox OS in Asia. Also, there was Vivian Balakrishnan which is Minister for the Environment and Water Resources of Singapore speaking about smart nation initiative. One cool thing about him is he’s still doing some code.


We went to the venue which is different than yesterday. We had our own Mozilla track on Day-2 and Day-3. Our track was on 5th floor and it made our presence was hard to discover. But thanks to Yofie, he created posters to stick on all the venue. On Day-2, I helped Raj speaking about Firefox Student Ambassador program. Also, we had our group picture with all speakers and organizers.


It was the last day and it’s my turn to speak. It’s my first experience to speak in English in front of non-Indonesian attendees. Little bit worried at first but finally, I can do it. I was conducting a workshop about Indonesian community experience on doing Webmaker and #TeachTheWeb activities in a park without any Internet connection. We did some physical activities too like spectrogram and HTML Puzzle Box. Everything works well.

Thanks to all Mozillians who made the track even more awesome. You all rock!

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