Mozilla launched the highly anticipated Multi-Tab feature in the the latest Firefox Rocket update. With Multi-Tab feature in place, you can easily open and switch between multiple tabs and get more done!

6 months ago, Mozilla introduced Firefox Rocket, the fast and lightweight Android browser made for Indonesian users. Firefox Rocket has been rated 4.5-stars on average on Play Store and received tremendous positive user feedback.

Multi-Tab Feature

While Firefox Rocket is loved by so many Indonesian users, Mozilla continues to listen to user needs and  enhance user experiences. The new Multi-Tab feature is the most requested features among all and is now available to users. Firefox Rocket users now can open all the tabs they want, whether a shopping site or social websites, and be multitasking as needed and get work done efficiently.


Screenshots Feature

In addition to the new Multi-Tab feature, don’t forget to try the super useful Screenshots feature. Users can save the whole screen to read offline with a single tap on the toolbar and the website link is automatically saved too, so users can visit the website again  whenever they want.


Turbo Mode Feature

With Turbo Mode, Firefox Rocket protects users on the Web from being followed by tracking ads which are known for slowing down mobile user experience. Not only can users browser faster and stay away from those tracking ads that keep chasing them around the Web but this also  means saving more data and having more screen space for the things that the user really cares about.

Firefox Rocket v2.0 is available for download now. Get the latest version of Firefox Rocket on the Play Store.

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