In this meeting, not only sharing new updates on Mozilla’s future plans and activities, Gen and William also helped the Reps to map out the national work plan that will be executed throughout 2015. There were fourteen Reps who attended this meeting: Andi Darmawan, Arief Bayu Purwanto, Artanto Ishaam (have resigned from the Reps program), I Gede Bagus Kosha, Dian Ina Mahendra, Fauzan Alfi, Irayani Queencyputri, Finan Akbar, Muhammad Fadhil, Rizqinofa Putra Muliawan, Shinta Setiawan, Yoe One Ariestya Niovitta, Yofie Setiawan, and Zayed Elfasa.

The meeting which was given the hashtag, #RepsIDMeetup, opened on February 14, 2015, with a presentation from Gen and William concerning Mozilla Goals 2015, starting from this year to the next three years (2017), and the participation plan in 2015. Before the meeting shift its focus on the Indonesian Reps program, the participants reviewed the results from the previous meeting in August 2014 — which Gen Kanai and Michelle Thorne helped facilitate. In this session, the participants that were absent during the past meeting (Artanto Ishaam, Finan Akbar, Yoe One Ariestya Niovitta, and Zayed Elfasa) asked a few questions and shared their ideas to improve the results obtained from the August 2014 meeting.

On the second day of #RepsIDMeetup, after summarizing all feedbacks and reviewing the result from the past meeting, the Indonesian Reps agreed to open 2015 with a new leadership structure that is open, distributed, and putting Mozilla Indonesia community as its top priority, and consistent with Mozilla’s global standard. With new structure based on skills and interests, the Indonesian Reps agreed to divide the tasks in Mozilla Indonesia within the following structure:

Visual Design (Lead: Yofie Setiawan. Assistant: Muhammad Fadhil)

Localized SWAG Distribution and Storage (L: Dian Ina Mahendra. A: Yofie Setiawan, Muhammad Fadhil)

Mozilla Indonesia IT Infrastructure and Wiki (Team: Andi Darmawan, I Gede Bagus Kosha, Arief Bayu Purwanto, Shinta Setiawan)

Internal and External Communications (L: Yoe One Ariestya Niovitta. A: Shinta Setiawan) (note: Yoe One resigned from her position, the comms department is currently lead by Muhammad Fadhil)

Data, Meeting, and Centralized Project Management (L: Shinta Setiawan. A: Zayed Elfasa)

Reps and Community Communication Network Management (for networking and project handling) (L: Rizqinofa Putra Muliawan)

Community Space Management (Team: I Gede Bagus Kosha, Yofie Setiawan)

FxOS Launch (Team: Arief Bayu Purwanto, Finan Akbar, Dian Ina Mahendra)

Partnership with Government/Companies/and Education Institutions (L: Andi Darmawan)

Education and Reps Training (L: Fauzan Alfi)

Regional Community Development (L: Irayani Queencyputri. A: Shinta Setiawan)

Budget Breakdown and Accounting (L: Dian Ina Mahendra)


Functional Area

Developer Relations (Arief Bayu Purwanto, Rizqinofa Putra Muliawan)

SUMO (Andi Darmawan, Kelimuttu)

QA (Kelimuttu)

L10n (Romi)

Social Media (Dian Ina Mahendra, Fauzan Alfi, Finan Akbar, Shinta Setiawan)

FSA (Fauzan Alfi, Rizki)

Fx OS – developer, apps, dan marketplace (Arief Bayu Purwanto, Rizqinofa Putra Muliawan, Zayed Elfasa)

Fx OS – marketing dan BD (Arief Bayu Purwanto, Andi Darmawan, Yofie Setiawan)

Webmaker (Dian Ina Mahendra, Eriska)

Firefox for Desktop and Mobile (Yofie Setiawan)

Content Services (Tiles) (Temporary team: Dian Ina Mahendra, Shinta Setiawan)


After getting ready with the new leadership structure, #RepsMeetupID continued with brainstorming session on projects that were proposed to be executed in 2015. In the session, the participants were divided into four groups. Online Privacy Awareness (Andi Darmawan, Gen Kanai, Dian Ina Mahendra, Shinta Setiawan), Design Contest (Yofie Setiawan, Rizqinofa Putra Muliawan, I Gede Bagus Kosha), FSA Summit (Fauzan Alfi, Yoe One Ariestya Niovitta, Muhammad Fadhil), dan Functional Area Workshop (Arief Bayu Purwanto, Zayed Elfasa, Irayani Queencyputri) were chosen as interesting projects that will be run in 2015.

The Indonesian Reps are happily looking forward to Mozilla Indonesia community’s future with the new distributed leadership structure. With a new open leadership and clear job division, we hope that Indonesia’s contribution to Mozilla will increase, and new strategic cooperations will soon come to fruition. Thank you to Gen Kanai, William Quiviger, and Michelle Thorne for helping to shape and finalize Mozilla Indonesia’s work plan for 2015. We would also like to thank Mitchell Baker and the entire Mozilla staff for their neverending support for Indonesia.


Day 1

  • the 1st day of RepsIDMeetup began with presentations on @mozilla’s goal in 2015 followed by Participation plans in 2015
  • those presentations laid out the whole discussion today, as it gives RepsIDMeetup participants ideas to work with this year
  • we did recaps on results of meeting in August, that started RepsIDMeetup in motion. the presentations helped us making necessary tweaks
  • with August’14 meeting results in mind, we’re ready to a clear and well structured plans for Moz Indonesia Community in 2015
  • our afternoon session structured around inputs and feedback from Reps who weren’t attend August meeting. some issues raised
  • topic discussed: community governance and distributed leadership. we decided to comply with global standard
  • we also brainstormed on the model of skill+project based structure that could empower everyone in the community
  • some reps were really interested in functional area-based structure. a new structure revolving around passion and commitments
  • on practical levels, the RepsIDMeetup also discussed: task distribution related to public communications, social media and web-based documentation

Day 2

  • after recap of the 1st day, the RepsIDMeetup started with discussion and lockdown on them structure and governance
  • we created a future structure based on roles, responsibilities in community, as well as functional lead roles. big decisions!
  • we laid out different roles. match them with everyone’s skill sets. also creating functional lead roles based on commitments
  • it was exciting to discover hidden passions that certain people have. we know each other better after this process. everyone feels empowered
  • the more challenging task was creating extensive calendars, detailed to-do list as first step to get all projects rolling
  • there’s also one breakout sessions where all team members built project plans based on templates we agreed upon
  • we came up with amazing plans for projects related to privacy, FSA, participation, workshops and creative. all fresh! <3
  • by the end of the day, we already have roadmap, schedule, immediate tasks, project plans and an egalitarian (new) structure

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