I was kinda hesitant in the beginning, consider that I have a pretty tight schedule on that months. But it’s not Rara if she cannot persuade me to take that opportunity. I must confess, Rara is a friend who always support me earlier from Makassar Blogger Community long time ago. So I take my guts to accept that challenge. But the thing that make me hesitant to do it is when I have to deliver a presentation about the latest projects from Mozilla. It makes me worry because I haven’t master the materials. Luckily, several days later Rara told me that there will be Oji to help me deliver the presentation, who is a Firefox Student Ambassador from Politeknik Negeri Ujung Pandang.

Last Saturday, 20 June 2015 is the the third time Mozilla Indonesia holding Mozkopdar in Sinjai. Right now, we bring up the #FoxYeah topic. Held in Kopi Carita, we conduct the event while breakfasting together with another Mozillians from Sinjai. Not only Mozillians from Sinjai actually, because there are also Mozillians from Bulukamba come from so far away to attend #Mozkopdar. Even I myself, was so surprise.

The event start before the breakfasting and was opened by me with a brief explanation about Mozilla Community and also introduction about the topic that we will bring up in this Mozkopdar. Right after that, Fachrul Rozy or Oji start his presentation. In his session, Oji explain about the plus points from Firefox Hello feature, Pocket, Duck Duck Go, Private Browsing and Webmaker.

The participants were very enthusiast with these projects. Attended by 42 people from IT community enthusiasts from Sinjai, the event then closed with group photo and casual talk with those who attracted to Mozilla Community and want to contribute in Mozilla Community.

Till next #Mozkopdar (:

Source : irhapunya.net

English translated by Kelimutu.

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