I open the event on 17:00 with a brief introduction, then it was followed by a session to introduce the latest features from Firefox 38 by Diky Arga. In this session, Diky was also doing a demo of Firefox Hello with Fachrul Rozy, an FSA from Sinjai, South Sulawesi who was also conducting Mozkopdar in the same time in Sinjai.


Then on 17:30, the event was continued with breakfasting session and pray session for those who is moslem. Then on 18:30, the event was started again with HTML puzzle box game. Two participants compete to arrange the HTML tag.

The event was then continued with explanation about Mozilla Club by me. The participants look so enthusiast with occasionally ask about things related to Mozilla Club. Beside that, I also introduce the participant to Firefox Friends and Foxyeah campaign from Mozilla and also introduce our new community website (mozilla.or.id).

Right after that, the event was followed with a demo session of android Appmaker by Reza Faiz. Reza introduce the features in android Appmaker that has been planned to be launch in Indonesia, next August.

After that session, Diky come back to deliver the second topic about Firefox Student Ambassador Program. The participants that consist mostly from university student looks so enthusiast in this FSA program. Right after that, the event was closed with giving prizes to the twitter quiz winners and continued with a group photo session.

Mozkopdar execution this time is a bit different because it was not delivered by Mozilla Representatives however it was planned by FSA and other Mozillians. For that, we want to say many thanks for FSA from UDINUS Semarang, Diky Arga, Reza Faiz and Zakiy Fakhri who already helped us prepared the event. And also for Budi and Dito who help us with event docummentation, and also for all participants who enliven last MozkopdarSMG. Till next Mozkopdar!

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